Drake – Falling Back

Drake – Falling Back

Directed by: Director X
A Fela Production
Executive Producers: Taj Critchlow & Fuliane Petikyan
COO: Dean Rosen
Head of Production/Producer: Amir Karimi
Producer: Adam Rodness
Integrated Producer: Mikayla Fasullo
Operations Manager: Olivia Swayze

Amy Lem
Nur Park
Jessye Romeo
Ashlee Jenae
Antje Urgaard
Nicole Restrepo
Sophia Diana
Essyonna Peschong
Tiona Fernan
Riley Simpson
Penny Lane
Elissa Henderson
Lisa Straube
Aizabil Arabian
Ange José
Emile Celine Geneve
Emitiz Farsi
Barbara Ramirez
Elinda San
Lucciana Beatriz Beynon
Ashlee Messiah

Special Appearance by Tristan Thompson

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35 Responses

  1. ConnorTV says:

    Imagine Drake trying to remember all his Brides birthdays

  2. Jonno Plays says:

    3:06 wedding singer vibes hittin tho 10/10 no cap I would buy an album of just this

  3. Suzy Lu says:

    Perfect timing Drake. I’m currently looking for my perfect wedding dress. 🙂

  4. Jonno Plays says:

    Just in time for summer! ☀ 🌊 🏄 🏖

  5. marhlon says:

    Drake é top demais a músicas dele mano

  6. W says:

    Drake needs to start acting again such a vibe.

  7. Ernando Santos says:

    O álbum tá incrível demais

  8. ☆xXFandomNerdXx☆ says:

    Drake maravilhoso como sempre como eu amo vc e suas músicas 😻😻

  9. Cithali says:

    Siempre haciendo buen trabajo🌪️

  10. ☆xXFandomNerdXx☆ says:

    This album is such a different direction in a good way. Nice to see it having more EDM into it. Love the vibes about it. Especially “massive”

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