Drake – I’m Upset

Drake – I’m Upset


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57 Responses

  1. Jocelyn Partee says:

    makes me remember junior high <3

  2. Ange-Clara M. Nya Tchaptched says:

    degrassi fam, where y’all at?

  3. Amine WOOF says:

    *1:25** I love that part.*

  4. Joceline Diaz says:

    Nina dobrev!!👑😻

  5. Alyx Is Alright says:

    oml. I love the part where they chase the guy that shot Jimmy

  6. Deisel 1 Time says:

    So about that diss track that would pusha t career

    • Super Critical Frieza says:

      Pusha been a nobody since the clipse bruh. He fell the fook off and you know and i know that you dont have pusha on your playlists hah maybeeee 1 song from the clipse if you a real one. This is a irrelevant question because I know you’ll cheat but you the type to hype up pusha yet cant name an album of his haha. Your a sad soul and need help you deserve it i would help you but im too busy these days with making money n all. Your a slave to your emotions and a disease to the public please stop stalking drake saying you hate the guy. Clearly your a stan to even be leaving comments on his videos lol i listened to pushas diss 1 time and never left a petty comment. Wasnt feeling the song so i havnt went back but youuuu guys are something special….realllll speciallllĺl.

    • Ras G says:

      Slow Shifterz exactly!! I dont know how anyone can listen to the bars and not admit drake lost, these stans would literally take a bullet for him

    • Toad says:

      Deisel 1 Time idk who pusha is. What it seems like to me is his career was dead so he made a song about the most POPPIN rapper rn

    • Super Birddog says:

      Deisel 1 Time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. UltimateKidzBopFan says:

    I’M UPSET that Degrassi has been cancelled!!!!!!!! 😤😤😤😤😤

  8. Jessica Hassock says:

    No matter how many people say Drake is soft or has a ghostwriter, you cant lie that he makes hit songs.This song is a banger!✔✔♪🔥🔥

  9. Alyx Is Alright says:

    lol the end. is it really a degrassi scene without a crazy thing happening

  10. SkinnyErectus says:

    How did they get the Devel Sixteen in the video? I thought they were just concepts and didn’t run.

  11. Bluntly Evie says:

    Why am I screaming the degrassi theme song..🎶 Whatever it takes
    I know I can make it through
    If I hold out
    If I do
    I know I can make it
    Be the best
    The best that I can be
    Hear what I say to you
    Whatever it takes
    I can see it
    I know I can make it
    I know I know I
    I know I can make it through🎶

  12. Remy Tha God says:

    I’m upset J.R Smith thought they were up


    Lmao they chase rick for shooting drake 😂😂

  14. Presley Luis says:

    Im upset that you haven’t replied to push

    • halo1900cv says:

      Presley Luis Pusha T is washed up the only way he gets attention again if he makes drama

    • Presley Luis says:

      halo1900cv LOL he’s so washed up that’s why hes #3 on the BB 200. Drakes a good artist but if he wants to be considered hip hop then hes gotta take the L or respond, not act like it never happened

    • Presley Luis says:

      Kane Ramsay mate. just don’t

  15. Michael Jordan says:

    I’m upset that you won’t respond to Pusha… I wanna hear him flame you up one more time!

  16. HotGhanaRadio says:


  17. Yazmin-Mai says:

    Drake is just so suave!

  18. Bdice says:

    but did they have to go thru security clearance?

  19. Jengus Roundstone says:

    Push bodied you.

  20. Andra Ioana says:

    Ninaaa!!! Oh, God

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