Drake Night: Drake Announces Starters – November 25, 2015

Drake Night: Drake Announces Starters – November 25, 2015

Watch Drake announce tonight’s starting lineup as the Toronto Raptors host their third annual Drake Night inside the Air Canada Centre.

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20 Responses

  1. TroubleMan Dblock says:

    Drake the typa nigga to stare at the biggest nigga in jail directly in the
    eyes then SLAM the soap on the bathroom floor.

  2. Robbie m888888888 says:

    lowry looks like that black dude in the new star wars bruh

  3. Dellan Randell says:

    Woooo was watching in the crowd 2nd row

  4. Dellan Randell says:

    Kyyyyyyyyyllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee Lowry but when lebron gets a goal they
    say it super fast

  5. Jahovia7 Love says:

    hi y’all I’m a great ,over seas rapper/singer can y’all check my page out
    please i promise you won’t be disappointed

  6. TREYTM23 says:

    Drake was Weird here lol


    Grandpa Drill – Duck Walk. Search that song yall.

  8. NAMRON42 says:

    Hahahah…. the face expressions of the players, Drake sounds like an
    fucking fagg….. :D

  9. xRichie437 says:

    Drake the type of nigga to show up to a basketball game just to announce
    the starters

  10. Dominican Niggaz World says:

    #MeekMillBack LOL

  11. USArockalways says:

    I was there at the game last night and I drake!!!

  12. Yunus Kulyyev says:

    U used to U used to

  13. Whitney Nike lover says:


  14. Darren Choi says:

    Drake the type of nigga to ask for his eggs “well done”

  15. Shek Siraj says:

    I’m on some raptors pay my bills shit

  16. Hamada says:

    drake the type of nigga to eat 2 gummy bears so they don’t die alone.

  17. Isaac Lapp says:

    Drake the future owner of the Raptors

  18. super smang says:

    the MLG airhorns and everything

  19. Alfred H says:

    This is how you spend large amounts of money

  20. Michael Bui says:

    Love how they all keep straight faces. Lmao.