Drake – Obey Your Thirst (Episode 1)

Drake – Obey Your Thirst (Episode 1)

Drake is a superstar—the only guy who could dethrone Taylor Swift on the charts with a mixtape. In a rare interview, he spoke with The FADER.

Coming up in Toronto, people told Drake to move to New York if he was serious about making it. Instead, he stayed where he was and made history by proving that if you’re a truly multi-layered artist, you can make it from anywhere. “Do it the way I did it,” he says in the above Obey Your Thirst documentary. “Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that’s all it takes.”

Now, at the top of his game, Drake says he competes not with established legends or other top-sellers, but with the countless kids itching to take his spot.

Now that hip-hop’s playing field is more open than ever before, Drake knows
there are countless kids itching to take his spot. Those up-and-comers are now his competition, not any established rapper. “That’s how I try to keep pushing this forward,” he says. “Just to let that kid know that I’m not done yet.” Watch the full documentary above, and stay tuned for three more by Sprite and The FADER, sharing the stories of Nas, Vince Staples, and Isaiah Rashad.


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19 Responses

  1. jr smith says:

    DRAKE is a legend right now disagree with me all you want

  2. ROB Channel says:

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    could head over to my channel and listen to my Music, and if u like it!
    please like, subscribe and give me some feedback! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME !

  3. Nafe Cynical says:

    The 6ix 

  4. Alexis Dykes says:

    Drake’s whole vibe is just bananas! ! I remember the 1st time I saw him and
    listened to his music. I knew he was going to go to the top, but he went to
    the top and he LIVES at the top! Not many can do what he’s done…the WAY
    he’s done it! I’ve been riding with every since and I’m going to keep
    supporting him! The fact that he’s SO smart is SO sexy and that voice! !
    #lovedrake #killemdrake #whatcompetion

  5. Nischal Dixit says:

    Cool shit
    Love you drake

  6. Stormwind Champion says:

    “Do it from where you at”
    Lol, that’s easy to say when you’re a mixed race Jew dog who comes from a
    middle class Canadian family with connections in the media industry.
    Everybody else has to go to wherever they are most likely to make it. If
    that’s New York then so be it.
    Not that they should be rapping anyway. Young nignogs need to aspire to
    bigger things than being the next hot rapper or baller. Maybe this silly
    black kike should be sending a different message?

    Fuckin idiot.
    I see he didn’t inherit any intelligence from his mother. Must be them
    strong “black genes” you gorillas rave on about eh?

    • Matt Brown says:

      +Stormwind Champion I see we have a fucking bigot in the house. Your
      ridiculous racism aside, 1) Drake isn’t addressing all “young nignogs,”
      he’s addressing musicians, 2) He’s gotta be pretty intelligent to maintain
      the position in the music industry that he has, he’s no Kardashian nor a
      one-hit wonder like Bobby Shmurda, he’s a respected artist, and 3) his
      “connections in the media industry” didn’t exist to get him big, he started
      doing his thing and eventually touring and he blew up, because of his
      talents, because of his music. And since we’re on YouTube and logic isn’t
      really respected around here, you suck and you’re a piece of sheeeeit and
      you know nothing of music, intellect, or black people.

    • SophisticatedBum says:

      +Stormwind Champion if you weren’t such a terrible 7 drop, your babble
      would mean something.

    • micky9217 says:

      +Stormwind Champion that’s L O V E and you are confused. -Drizzy

  7. Miklo Hernandez says:

    They wipe tears while I wipe fingerprints off led.
    They say shoot for the stars, I say shoot for the head.
    I believe in good times having peace and fun.
    But im still in my room tryna grease my gun.
    Cant let it get rusty, if a shoot out breaks
    The only thing I want jammin’ is my screwed out tape.
    And tomorrows the big day gotta get my rest,
    Fourty-Five G’s outta town, lick buyin tres.
    Im all alone, my girl said that she could’nt make it.
    Cuz she caught a damn cold and her whole body’s aching.
    And I feel kind of nervous, butterfly’s in my stomach.
    But I drift off to sleep, really thinkin’ nothing of it.
    Then, something wakes me up and I open my eyes
    Somebody’s in my house, I’m heartbroken cuz i
    Couldn’t tell my Mom “bye”, they finally caught me slippin’
    Ima die like a man homeboy I aint trippin.

  8. Ibeonit says:

    Drake Is a legend but bruh you had to come to USA to blow up… Lil Wayne
    blew you up from Houston not Canada just saying… 

  9. casperog says:

    im a fan of drake.. but this dude is whiter then carlton from fresh
    prince..i cringe at his attempt to be more then what he is lol

  10. Amanry says:


  11. Shiana SJ says:

    Been playing his songs all week; super thoughtful times.
    The timing of this video is great. Amazing everything, seriously, I love
    hearing what he has to say.

    ‘Amazing’ isn’t even a good enough word for this man.

  12. Josealexander Delcid says:


  13. 12 bricks says:

    when will drake cum in me 

  14. katlego magang says:

    whts the name of the song of the beat in backgroung from 55 second in
    episode 1

  15. Alex Johnson says:

    Ah fuck it, come on now, we all know Drake’s music is always fire, mad
    respect to drizzy