Drake Slid Into My DMs

Drake Slid Into My DMs

Never could have expected this.


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33 Responses

  1. DaFuq!?Boom! says:

    I’m glad Drake accepted criticism of his work and sent a wholesome message instead of hating on fantano. Truly one of the artists in the music industry of all time.

  2. she_sounds_like_you says:

    Drake really brining that classic Canadian compassion. What a truly genuine person. If I could afford to buy all of his albums (I can’t because I just bought every Kendrick album) I would buy all of his albums and put them on repeat so the whole house could enjoy his wonderfully nuanced artistry. Bless him.

  3. Jbf Music & Guitar says:

    This is probably the best response to his real DM anyone could come up with, props

  4. Random White Dude says:

    The fact that you made this man leak his own hateful dms is next level Melonry.

  5. BlueDreamKush23 says:

    For people who don’t know.

    Drake did slide into his DMs pretty much insulting Anthony
    “your existence is a light 1. And the 1 is cause you’re alive”
    “And cause you somehow wifed a black girl”
    “I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence”

    Anthony replied by making this video which obviously it isn’t real. Drake didn’t actually send him a cookie recipe. But Anthony being Anthony spins a comedic take on it. But apparently after this video was posted, Drake felt this was a diss and wanted to let people know he didn’t send him a cookie recipe and felt compelled to leak his own DMs, which doesn’t really make Drake look any good, it just shows how much of a corn dog he really is. Honestly, if that cookie recipe DM was real, I would have respected him more.


  6. Dolan Darker says:

    Drakes such a nice and caring guy I’m glad he supports you

  7. Soulr says:

    You’re a genius Anthony 😂

  8. xCodeh says:

    we’re gonna need a “making the drake cookie” cooking video

  9. Viraj Deshpande says:

    I’ve never met a person like Anthony. He’s something else. Dude’s got skin thicker than a rhino, and he can troll the best of them without breaking a sweat.

  10. Johnny Montilla says:

    Wow! Drake is such a kind soul!

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