Drake – When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle

Drake – When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle

When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle (Official Video)

Director: Theo Skudra
Producer: Christian Tyler
Executive Producer: Leslie McCartney
Production Company: Colossale
Cinematographer: Theo Skudra
Editor: Theo Skudra

“When To Say When”

Producer: Gaetan Rousseau
Producer: Nico Thau
Production Manager: John Morrow
Location Scout: Conlan Olberding
B Cam Operator: Pierrick Reiss
1st AC (A Cam): Tsyen Shen
1st AC (B Cam): Luna Burns
1st AC: Vincent Howard
2nd AC: Greg Howard
Gaffer: John Ward
Gaffer: Amaal Mustafa
Best Boy Electric: Jonathan Mejia
Key Grip: Phil Sokoloff
Best Boy Grip: Kurtis Riley
Driver: Jonathan Charles
Equipment Van Driver: Iraki Kurdiani
Set PA: Sebastien Le Coz
Set PA: Achille Vanderhaeghen

“Chicago Freestyle”

Production Coordinator: Cameron Frangopoulos
1st AC: Nick Coffin
1st AC: Nick Petrie
Gaffer: Alex Poutiainen
Steady Cam: Greg Frankovich
Conform & Online: Assembly Reps
Colour: Artjail
Colourist: Clinton Homuth

Film Processed at FotoKem Los Angeles
Senior Dailies Producer: Mary Chamberlain

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57 Responses

  1. Manton Bailie says:

    When he wants to.. drake raps his ass off.

  2. Keith Fraser says:

    Drizzy back on his Toronto style. This that good ones go look what you’ve done vibes on take care. Heartbreak Drake .

  3. Drizz. says:

    I get a feeling he gon take over . This just a warning for the decade

  4. Harlem Malik says:

    *This that Nothing was The Same and Take Care Drake, more of this* 🙏🏾

  5. liongamer32_az says:

    3:42 drake paying homage to Eminem😍😍

  6. Bazie Frm513 says:

    We need Eminem and Drake, Lil Wayne on another track💯

  7. Spi says:

    Shoutout to whoever hurt drakes feeling this time

  8. APrinceDGAF says:

    Once he hit that Eminem “Superman” line, I was hyped.

  9. Jay Blast says:

    *”I got all these blessings just to give them to others anyway”*

  10. Brendan D says:

    “No my mom might not wanna hear how I discovered plants”

    Yooo remember his mom had a flower shop???? 🔥🔥🔥

    Im dumb af he said plans not plants lmao

  11. tristen W says:

    That rolls Royce with the ovo owl is cold 🥶

  12. xMF Redx says:

    “Michael Jackson ‘ship, but the palace is not for kids”

    Did Michael dirty on this one😂

  13. Cat breeze says:

    This man named his mansion “The embassy” he really owns canada

  14. Andrew Myers says:

    “Hit once, She said said she got a man” – Cold World yall

  15. Christopher Hernandez says:

    “But I do know one thing tho, women they come and go”

  16. Leonardo DiCaprio says:

    Drake: “Haven’t done my taxes”

    6ix9ine: writing in his notebook:

    Drake” didn”t do his taxes”

  17. Phynx says:



    Drake: trying to get himself robbed

  18. Kai says:

    Drake going back to basics, no drill just rap

  19. AllOutOrNothing88 says:

    This that Drake that we been missing. You feel the emotions in this joint.

  20. Tanya Zambrano says:

    “Area codes in my phone
    What numbers do I still have
    Who do I know from the past
    Hit one she said she got a man
    Hit another one it goes green
    Must’ve changed phones on the team
    Remember when you let me in between
    That was two thousand seventeeeen”

    • Austin w. says:

      Shit hit different 2017 when I met my baby mama, shes living with somebody else now got me fucked up lol

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