Drake’s Beef – SNL

Drake’s Beef – SNL

Drake has had it with the SNL cast disrespecting him.

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20 Responses

  1. Uryon Adams says:

    Smh woulda been better if Quentin helped to write it…

  2. XxuMad -_- says:

    why the fuck did he shave his beard

  3. Javier Gaona says:

    Should’ve used the beat from Energy rather than Back To Back

  4. TheWiseWolf says:


  5. steven topper says:

    Wow he went back to his 2009 look. Drake is the man a mainstream rapper
    with lots of credibility what a good show.

  6. fake slick says:

    Why the hell did he shave? He looked way better with it

  7. 414MILboy says:

    them gunshots had me dyin

  8. teamjacob4498 says:

    The first guy that came out in the beginning was at the JB purpose tour and
    sat infront of me and he kept smoking weed all secretively and it lowkey
    bugged me bc I was trying to watch JB but there was too much dam smoke in
    my eye too see

  9. Brightside says:

    Is there Beef?

  10. solange c says:


  11. Tom Hanson says:

    Drake has those Air Prestos, niceee

  12. LADZ 28 says:

    what are the shoes he’s wearing at 1:44?

  13. SkinsNation says:

    Drake the type of nigga to be in a skit roasting himself

  14. Colin Barrow says:

    Better than views…

  15. BlueAndRedStripes says:

    Hahah nice

  16. Mika Millner says:

    ?????? fucking loooove this ??
    baaabe ?

  17. Aaron Brown says:

    ryryffytttyfyrrdurir r a ddrhthyufutr f ppcjgiuggu;ugutuyutiyi yu gugguvjv
    ::) jccfh0bhk

  18. ReiHaxhiuHD says:

    This shit is going super viral

  19. Rubiks Cube says:

    I wasn’t done you bitch……………….

  20. Gentle says:

    I wonder who wrote drakes lyrics