Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind is NOT GOOD

Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind is NOT GOOD

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1puG2H1QOBA

Drake continues downhill on Honestly, Nevermind.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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43 Responses

  1. Narokkurai says:

    I think Drake is just a brand. He doesn’t seem like he’s making music because he has something he wants to express, he’s making music just to keep a new single in rotation constantly. It doesn’t have to be good it just has to be catchy enough to score radio play until his next release.

    • SpaceJamDreazi says:

      @J. Armand thats whole statement is subjective

    • Jesus Gonzalez says:

      Has drake ever been good? Has he ever been orginal. Or just always doing what he thinks his audience wants. I mean I know the street of Canada can be very gangster I can understand how he group up hood as fuck too….Drake is in the same line as Tom Mcdonald at this point…I wouldn’t doubt next time we see drake he’s gonna have himself some face tats to stay relevant have you seen breezzy(chris brown)he got him some new face tats too…for what???

    • surprisinglyroomy says:

      @TorontoLobsterChunk the strategy is that he’s Drake so he literally can drop an album of him sharting into the mic for 3 hours and it’d bank

    • Farris Nasrullah says:


    • Triston Wells says:

      He is on the cusp of falling off and people don’t want to accept that

  2. Eric says:

    what i found particularly telling was drake publicly responding to the negative criticism this project was receiving by saying things to the effect of “we’re waiting for u to catch up … it’ll make sense later” it’s a defense of his music in a way i’ve never seen him project. i mean: did he say these sort of things after his albums were well-received? this is the nearest thing to acknowledging failure i think we would ever get out of him, and maybe, privately, it’s taken him aback, and reminded him that as an artist he won’t always be infallibly loved all the time. i’d give him the benefit of doubt that he won’t be revisiting this type of product (at least with the same low-effort) for a while

    • Simon Bright says:

      @Kazy Ink Yeahhhhh noooooo…. I’d get it if he had done something so experinmental that everyone hated him for it, only to be shocked pikachu face when it turns out 10 years in the future, this is the new sound.

      What’s actually happened: Drake added “corporate filter” on dance genre. Drake was successful.

    • Benjamin Decimo says:

      @Kazy Ink I don’t think Drake will be relevant in 20 years tbh

    • msawmusic says:

      @Okay I think that’s just asking him to be something he’s not. Hazy, atmospheric sounds with deep vocals and spicy lyrics is just what Drake will always give. This album is just a dance R&B version of Drakin’ & Driving lol

    • Okay says:

      @msawmusic I mean fair enough, can’t disrespect that take. just gets on my nerves that even though Drake is going in a new avenue, i found it so lazy and uninspired. he could easily make more loved classics if the effort and application was stronger. just my opinion tho

    • msawmusic says:

      @Okay I personally loved 808s, but I know I was in the minority. Sade and James Blake make music to sleep to too, it’s not a bad thing and is a sonic aesthetic of Drake. 808s & HNVM albums are not to be compared sonically (two different genres), but just goes to point out how people hate something when it drops and eventually love it. Y’all did the same with Take Care. I’m just happy Drake taking risks

  3. Tucker Ecke says:

    As someone who listens to house music extensively, I had to explain to my friends that this is bad house music with mediocre rapping. Even then, it’s in that uncanny valley where it’s bad but not so bad that you can laugh at it. This album truly earned its not good grade

    • Simon Bright says:

      @Kazy Ink Looooooool. Yeah, the function of this album is to treat insomnia.

    • Gunão de Gaia says:

      I agree, but if I was your friend I would bounce

    • MrASAPAB says:

      Why do you have to explain to someone why something is bad if they like it?

    • MyBroSux24 says:

      i gotta say that i dig “Massive”. That’s about it for the whole record tho. and that’s coming from someone who is into house, techno and general dance music.

    • Alexandre Laforest says:

      THis album is like if drake looked at Daft Punk, Jamie XX, The Weeknd’s songs with Electronic producers, removed every single interesting elements from them and then rapped like shit over it.

  4. Caden Meyer says:

    HipHopByTheNumbers on twitter pointed out that this album is over 19% instrumental outros, which is just a mind blowing amount. An album that spends a 5th of its time ending

  5. Neon Radar says:

    Drake is the definition of quantity over quality. I still love his pre-2016 stuff but he’s just so background now. And not in a good way.

  6. G. Lesser says:

    its crystal clear to me that either drake is too big to fail or he thinks he is too big to fail. He has coasted off of the success of previous albums for multiple albums and years now. He half asses his “albums” and treats them more like calculated products than actual art. The last time it felt like he legitimately put thought into an album was 2016 and even that is debatable. It baffles me how he is seemingly bulletproof despite putting out mid after mid after mid.

    • Triston Wells says:

      @Stan Smith he hasn’t been the same since Kendricks “Alright”

    • Praga says:

      You worded this perfectly, I was a bug drake fan back in the day and I still like some songs here and there but he puts such low effort in his albums since IYRTITL that it’s just so disappointing to follow him

    • Jason Loves Music Reacting says:

      @Stillness Solutions I’m not listening to it in full though.

  7. Devarai Uzuchiha says:

    I love how the title of the album describes the album itself.

  8. TheFnames says:

    My biggest problem for this album besides the bed squeaking beat is the lack of variety on each track
    If he had the melodic part of the track and then transitioned to a rap verse, instead we just get the melody repeated over and over, and it’s mind numbing

  9. Oops ™ says:

    My favorite tweet about this album was something along the lines of “he called the album that because that’s what he says every time he finds out a girl is over 18.” 💀

  10. a says:

    Between 2014-2016 drake was my favorite artist by far… He’s completely phased out of my life now. I miss IYRTITL drake, tbh.

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