Drama Actors Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Evan Peters, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris & More

Drama Actors Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Evan Peters, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris & More

Jeff Bridges (‘The Old Man’), Kieran Culkin (‘Succession’), Damson Idris (‘Snowfall’ & ‘Swarm’), Michael Imperioli (‘The White Lotus’), Pedro Pascal (‘The Last of Us’ & ‘The Mandalorian’) and Evan Peters (‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’) join The Hollywood Reporter for our Drama Actor Roundtable.

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Drama Actor Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin, Evan Peters, Damson Idris & More

The Hollywood Reporter

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45 Responses

  1. amazonpissbottle says:

    Jeff Bridges is such an icon. I’m so glad his cancer is in remission. Much love to The Dude.

  2. keira says:

    evan being so brooding and quiet compared to kieran being so childlike and chaotic is so funny

  3. A H says:

    Whoever sat Kieran and Pedro beside each other deserves a raise.

  4. Emilia Fischer says:

    Pedro Pascal truly does deserve all this „sudden“ (compared to his very long, hardworking career) success. Not only is he an incredible actor but also very rare example of a genuine person, especially compared to other Hollywood-men.

  5. Gabriela Sélavy says:

    Kieran has shown the range he has with succession. Drama, comedy, improv, he’s done it all brilliantly.

    • a n says:

      Dude, the most recent episode especially sold it for me like jeeez. He is truly an amazing actor and I wonder what roles he’ll get from here. I think Roman will always be his standout role. I mean, that character is so complex and fun to play. I know the creator knows what he’s doing but man, it really does feel like there could be more seasons of the show. I bet the cast is bummed out- they must know those roles are once in a lifetime.

    • Gabriela Sélavy says:

      @a n fr fr, the roles they have had with succession are one in a million, the depth they have, how brilliantly they’re characters are written and the freedom they have to add more layers to each is something rare and it’s what makes the show outstanding, just a great ensamble.

    • Christopher Williams says:

      ​@a n depending on who inherits the throne, I think there will definitely be a spin-off

    • Jasmine Marie Murray says:

      ​@a n Kieran said in an interview that the show ends in a way that it could have another season but that it was also set up to be the end if it really had to be….and Kieran said in an interview that he is going to be in the next Jesse Eisenberg movie called A Real Pain.

    • TheCarlScharnberg says:

      I wouldn’t say he has real range, though. He seems to play versions of himself, in a sense. Not a total transformation like some actors are capable of.

  6. K O says:

    I love how they’re all asking each other questions, feels more like a conversation rather than an interview. This is by far one of the best thr roundtables.

  7. Julia says:

    Evan Peters and Pedro Pascal.

    The world is blessed today.

  8. Joy Anna says:

    Pedro and Kieran are a match made in heaven. Pure chaotic energy. I would love to see them in the next installment of Knives Out or White lotus.

  9. Dana Facchine says:

    Pedro talks so passionately about acting, both in his own career and with those around him. it’s a shame the only thing anyone ever asks him about is his “daddy” status.

    • Jennifer says:

      Completely agree…there are loads of questions I’d love for him to answer that have nothing to do with that and yet it continues to be the most referenced thing. I would love to ask if he’d ever consider going back to theater – some actors like to rotate between different types of performances if they can – or if he thinks he’s grown out of that now. I’d love to talk to him about some of the books he’s recommended and how they’ve had an impact on him. I have a laundry list of questions that just never get asked somehow. Granted I’m only 18 mins into the video so … who knows, maybe they do talk about that, although I’ll be surprised.

    • Dana Facchine says:

      @Jennifer I would love for him to return to the stage!

    • a n says:

      I hate when he gets asked that. It’s so weird, and kinda embarrassing.

    • lyta quiroz says:

      Yep… It was kind of funny for like a week, now it’s anoying and disrespectfull to keep getting it there without reason

    • Miles Solomon says:

      And this is supposed to be a respectable publication

  10. SuTalun says:

    Kieran was amazing interviewing Evan, being empathetic and asking the right questions to get him to expand on his answer, because you can see that he really cared to know

    • Adrian Sean says:

      Yeah…I think Kieran could see how hard that role was for him. I’m glad he was empathetic to Evan ❤

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