Draw My Life: Part 2

Draw My Life: Part 2

6 years later, I have a whiteboard and decided to update my ‘Draw My Life’ and let you know everything that’s been happening since the last one and some plans for the future!

Draw My Life Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv1SLUjDGpA

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Content info – contains mentions of bereavement and family illness


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51 Responses

  1. Jasmine says:

    *Leonardo da vinci has left the chat*


    *So has his wig*

  2. edgyuwu zoe says:

    Phil: **is happy in his life right now and is doing what he wants to do**
    [everybody liked that]

  3. claire! at the discø says:

    0:48 i love how they basically look the exact same yet we can all tell which ones which

  4. Kasia de Bruijn says:

    Phil: Yea, my dad watches anime.


  5. blue grace says:

    other youtubers: the tea~
    phil: *jUiCEs*

  6. Loveman Repudiated Lovecraft says:

    Your art is so inspiring, the choice in line thickness and the confidence of your strokes instill a sense of wonder in me. I could hardly believe my eyes when you casually drew portraits of yourself and Dan so perfectly. Truly a real artist.

  7. Doot says:

    I need seal on wheels merch

    I will buy all of it

  8. Emily W says:

    im so jealous your dad watches anime like what my dad thinks anime is weird japanese drawings shouting ‘NICO NICO NIIIIII’ out of my laptop screen.

  9. AAronQuincy says:

    Phil taking a break and learning more about himself and what he wants to do juice? We drink. We stan. We look back on how long we’ve been here watching realizing that we’ve been here growing with them for 10-11 years and just go “wow…”

  10. Raquel Taborga says:

    When you talked about your life outside of work and how it doesn’t really exist, I felt that. And it was so comforting to hear you say it. I’m a university student now and I spent countless hours just reading textbooks, writing applications to enhance my resume and just being stressed! about! work! I thought I didn’t have time to relax because everything else is too pressing of an issue, but knowing how necessary it is for you–and everyone, really–to just breathe and let go every once in a while felt like a little virtual hug. So thanks for that 🙂

  11. Dead Meme. says:

    As someone whose mother is suffering from terminal cancer, hearing about your dads cancer touched my heart personally and I’m really glad he’s doing a lot better!

  12. Savannah Grace says:

    Seal on Wheels, that is his secret project. He has become a geneticist and is working to develop a new breed of seals……
    They’re called……….


    All jokes aside, Phil is one of those people that just affirms my faith in humanity. We love you dork!

  13. Emily Is Away xx says:

    I remember when the first Draw My Life video was posted, and it totally hooked me in! Has it really been 6 years since I started watching Dan and Phil? Crazy how fast time goes by. Anyways, you’ve come so far Phil! You’re so successful and honestly you deserve every ounce of it, you’ve worked so hard, and even though it may have been taxing, we all appreciate what you do for us. Love you and your content as always! <3

  14. Jenn Meade says:

    “Hey get back to this tab, don’t you like my drawings”
    I was like oh god he knows I’m on insta… let me go back this part must be important

    • Joshua says:

      Bro, I literally left for 10 seconds to check something on snapchat and he sad that and he scared the absolute heck out of me lmao

  15. Mitty Chan says:

    I realized Dan and Phil had a burn out after working so hard for the tour 🙁 Hope you got so much rest!! Thanks for uploading and giving us updates on your life. Phil online is a literal iceberg tip. Now I learn he is so much more and I respect that. Gonna continue to support you for your future projects. Good luck!

  16. StuckBeingJessica says:

    Phil: “It’s almost like it’s coming full circle”
    Me: “Or Phil circle”
    I’ll show myself out now

  17. Daniel Carnell says:

    ‘Even if no one is listening, i’ll keep going anyway.’

    This man is the bravest, kindest and most humble man on Earth. Not only has he dedicated his life to us and Dan, burning himself out in the process, but has been there for Dan and continued working through some horrific family traumas that nobody should have to go through. Phil, you deserve the world- and for goodness sake, take a break!

  18. Natalie Klotzbeacher says:

    I genuinely missed Phil’s personality. Like bro he makes me so happy wtf

  19. Aszkara Gilchrist says:

    I don’t think people realized how much D&P paved the way for other YouTubers. Now EVERYONE tours. They were one of the first. Crazy.

    • Anyra Rahman says:

      They made board games, they made apps, they did tours.. like, Dan and Phil are two of the humblest people on the platform when they’ve so much for this.. community. Us.. the phandom.. like people have literally had their life take a better turn because of them. I just hope they realise just how.. successful they are. In every sense of the word.

  20. Gwen Starr says:

    *david and Liza break up *

    Me: Love is dead

    Phil: look at my parents

    Me: loVE IS ALIVE

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