Drawing MatPat in the Fairly OddParents Style & Talking Theories with MATPAT!

Drawing MatPat in the Fairly OddParents Style & Talking Theories with MATPAT!

After playing Cuphead on GTLive, Butch and Matt talk about theories ranging from Spider-Man to Deadpool. BONUS: Butch Hartman draws MatPat in the Fairly OddParents Style!

Yes, I’m the real guy. I created your childhood AKA Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, and now…the NOOG NETWORK and Bunsen is a Beast!

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63 Responses

  1. Sonicthehedgehog 2110 says:

    Great video!

  2. Shiny Goomba says:


  3. Butch Hartman says:

    Check out my new ANIMATED story time video, ‘Spider-Man & Sea Monkeys’: https://youtu.be/DCwV5Gnt14w

  4. Spider Pig says:


  5. Stephen Brown says:

    FILM THEORY: Why is the ON button INSIDE the FENTON PORTAL?!?!

  6. Jibbity Jenkins says:

    There NEEDS to be a Fairly Oddparents theory in the works. Absolutely. Having Hartman guest-star on a film theory episode would be amazing enough, but there’s so many theories that can they can do. Some questions that raise in my attention that could use some answers are:
    How exactly are the universes of Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner really connected?
    Why does Timmy (or anyone else, really) ever age? I mean, he’s had multiple birthdays, summer vacations, and holidays represented on the show. I mean, there was a whole episode on School being out for summer, and I believe two Christmas episodes in the show’s run.
    Does anyone else know that Timmy has fairies? I feel like AJ, Chester, and even Vicki have suspicions and or knowledge about them.
    And going off Hartman, I’d love a video on the existence of Fairy World as a whole. That’d be cool.

    • Jibbity Jenkins says:

      iiMonchieChip I do remember that

    • Jibbity Jenkins says:

      iiMonchieChip to be honest, I just want Butch Hartman to be on an episode of Film Theory πŸ˜‚

    • Kd Michaels says:

      What about the fact that Timmy seems to be the only one with fairy god parents? AJ and Chester are also only children and their parents aren’t seen that often. Chester doesn’t even have a mom and comes from a poor family. Do you think he also has fairy god parents that he kept hidden from Timmy?

    • GreekEJones says:

      The rich kid(Remy Buxaplenty) also has a fairy Juandissimo Magnifico and Mr. Crocker knows about his fairies. What I want to know is the pure power of all the magic used in the show, like how much power does a wand have when not connected to the big wand(on multiple occasions the wands have showed charge bars), how much power does the wand, that Jorgen Von Strangle have, have, what about the giant wand that powers all fairy world and all other wands(also Santa)?

    • Nora Deena says:

      Kd Michaels actually there’s an episode where Timmy lend Cosmo & Wanda to Chester for the day.. I don’t remember what happen since I stopped watching FOP after a few seasons.. but I can remember Chester had Fairy odd parents in the show.. Idk about AJ tho, he seems fine with his parents

  7. Edemile Umipig says:

    You look like brothers πŸ™‚

  8. hel2t01 says:

    I want a Danny Phantom film theory so badly!!!

  9. Baconator Beastmode says:

    Does Danny receive the talents of that ghost? Since he’s half-ghost, would that give him the ghost’s memory of it dying??? Answer this plz

  10. Chivels says:

    You and the Game Theory team are good together. I hope to see more cooperation with them in the future. πŸ™‚

  11. Juan Reyna says:

    Hey butch when are Timmy turner and Danny phantom gonna meet? Still waiting

  12. Abaraii Plays says:

    Theory: Who is the ghost that combines with Danny?

  13. Mais Osama says:

    make a theory about how danny phantom is half dead, and about what may happen when he actually dies one day, will he turn in to a ghost forever? or will he vanish out of existence?

  14. Demetria Devonne says:

    Ever since I was a kid I had this question about the Magic Muffin… If Timmy could wish anything without Da Rules intervening, why didn’t he just wish to be able to always have rules-free wishes? All his wishes would be as if came from the muffin forever, even when the treat was gone, instead of having to save the muffin and take small bites every time.

  15. TickedOff Priest says:

    On Spider-Man:
    The web shooter is pressure sensitive so that if Spidey applies too much pressure, it does not work.
    Also, his wall crawling is based either on tiny hairs or van der wals forces. (depending on the incarnation) As such, as long as the gloves and boots are thin or the hairs can reach through, it will work.

    That means that Danny cannot see many times either.

  16. Swift Bolt says:

    Please do collab with draw with jazza

  17. Sy AJ says:

    Collar with nerdy nummies 😍😍😍

  18. Laura Kurilenko says:

    I β™₯️MatPat’s THEORIES

  19. Bobaa says:

    Butch has the same sketchbook as me! That’s amazing :O

  20. Peridorito says:

    6 years on youtube Top 6 on trending Nearly 60 dislikes.666? 3 6’s A triangle has 3 sides ILLUMANTI COMFIRMED

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