Draymond addresses Dillon Brooks’ comments & delivers a message to Ja Morant | Draymond Green Show

Draymond addresses Dillon Brooks’ comments & delivers a message to Ja Morant | Draymond Green Show

Draymond Green discusses the Golden State Warriors continued road struggles, reacts to Dillon Brooks’s comments about him, and shares how we should be thinking about the Ja Morant situation.

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42 Responses

  1. Soba Mask - says:

    As a Grizzlies fan that “the dynasty starts after you, not with you.” Line hit different. It’s a real fact no 🧢 😂😂😂

    • Recinese says:

      @LUCKI PUP your logic is flawed..they can talk all the shit in the world and back it up..I aint a grizzlies fan but you cant say that because of how they act they’ll never win multiple chips..it depends on their work ethic and rapport

    • xPrinceNaz21 says:


    • LUCKI PUP says:

      well to be fair the way everyone acts on the grizzlies, they will never be a dynasty 😊

  2. Arshdeep k says:

    “1 less technical than your dumbass” 😂😂😂 gotta love Draymond

  3. Mr. Roody Poo says:

    my goodness this is a Dillon Brooks funeral service….gawd damn 😭

  4. Young Melo says:

    Wise words from the 4 time NBA CHAMPION!

  5. Vectwon says:

    The dynasty starts after you. Not with you. WOW Dramond. WOW. I felt that burn from SOCAL.

  6. George Victoria says:

    From a defensive minded perspective (my favorite player is Ben Wallace). I absolutely love that Draymond is a Warrior. Watching this man routinely stop 1 on 2, 1 on 3 fastbreaks is just ridiculous. Just like Steph has made playing offense look so easy, Dray has done the same on the defensive side. It’s been a joy and an honor to watch this team play basketball. Cheers 🍻

    • Roland Boyer says:


    • Robert Peters says:

      @NewJerseyNets11 Can’t disagree with facts, but if you want to do the “glass house” thing, notice how no one knows what JP did or said and how DG won’t “go there”. That shows a little character (imho). So you are not wrong, but we don’t know the whole story either. I’m a Warriors fan who now lives in Michigan. So I’m a total JP fan from even college, but JP has to capability to irritate people. That doesn’t warrant a punch in the face – true 100%. But DG ain’t the devil…he just forgot that he was at practice and not back in Saginaw, MI on the street corner and lost his friggin’ mind 😀.

    • It'sYou'reNotYour Stupid says:

      -Routinely stops- 1 on 2 and 1 on 3 fast breaks? WOT!?

    • Aj Jones says:

      I damn sure can’t tell ……GSW can’t stop a nosebleed (on the road) this season. And since Draymond is the self proclaimed best defensive player of ALL TIME, defensive guru, and captain of this team’s defense, own your team’s piss poor effort …….take the good with the bad, own the blame “CaptainStealaTeammate”

    • M J says:

      True. That’s why Barkley only attacks Draymond on the offense side. Because Barkley knew that Draymond is really good on D.

  7. sassyone82 says:

    The thing about Dillon is, he’s not well liked by most of the NBA players anyway, so Dray is basically saying everything most players are either thinking or saying about him amongst each other.😂😂😂 I loved every word Dray said.👏🏽👏🏽

    • doughboy says:

      @Bean KoBe okay again whats your point? Zaza played for the warriors for like one year his clumsy ass injured someone on gsw too. People step under steph while hes shooting all the time thats why steph falls down a lot to prevent getting injured on those type of plays. Kawhis legs are made of glass he never plays a full season

    • Bean KoBe says:

      @doughboy lol they changed the rules after zaza did that😂😂😂 the shit is called the zaza rule, come on now bro giving y’all hard facts

    • Bean KoBe says:

      @AD Gee no stupid he is saying how can you make an all star team if he averages 7/7/7 lol you pretend like you didn’t see that part😂😂😂😂the team was wining that’s how he made that team

  8. kxlab says:

    Dray needs to have a show called “Quite Frankly”

  9. XSGAME4U says:

    Way to represent yourself, your family, MSU, and The Town, Draymond Green. I see why Damian Lillard loves you like a brother.

  10. NelajKilam says:

    Powerful message Draymond. You have my respect!

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