Draymond and KD Reveal What Really Happened with Warriors Fallout | FULL INTERVIEW (Chips)

Draymond and KD Reveal What Really Happened with Warriors Fallout | FULL INTERVIEW (Chips)

Draymond and KD sit down for the first time since they played together to discuss KD’s decision to leave OKC, the infamous argument after the Clippers game in 2018, why KD left to team with Kyrie in Brooklyn and much more. Watch the full interview on a new episode of “Chips” now.

0:00 Intro
0:43 – 2:44 KD’s early basketball days in high school and college
2:45 – 4:12 KD didn’t really play the 4 position till he was in Golden State
4:15 – 4:58 What KD meant by “tired of being second” quote
5:00 – 6:30 Why KD left OKC for GSW ‘I would do that s–t a million times’
6:31 – 8:34 Draymond thinks KD was over being in GS after year 2
8:35 – 11:30 The infamous KD-Draymond argument fallout ‘They f–ked it up.’
11:35 – 14:30 Playing with guys like Russ, Draymond, Kyrie, James Harden
14:31 – 15:55 KD on his relationship with the media
15:59 – 18:01 KD’s Twitter fingers and burner accounts
18:02 – 18:53 Any regrets leaving the Warriors?
18:54 – 20:24 Now playing with the Nets and Kyrie Irving
20:25 – 22:46 Life after basketball? Any kids?
22:47 – End – Happiest you’ve been as a professional?

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48 Responses

  1. Lonnie says:

    This was LEGIT! Draymond is next up on NBA on TNT!

    • Mahzar Fazhar says:

      @harshalax31 been watching Inside since it was just EJ and Kenny…so that’s not true. I like Draymond, but he’s just not a good fit. Chris Webber should be on there, he was awesome.

    • Lucas says:

      I know I’ll sound like a hater but I have a hard time understanding what the hype is with draymond. And yes I watched his tnt appearances. Maybe it’s just his voice I really don’t like lol. Also he’s never once made me laugh

    • Russell Johnson says:

      @Michael David lol you don’t have the power to do nothing get off YouTube

    • Jamal Vines2 says:


    • Jabriel Lee says:

      He done lost weight too

  2. Chiseled Adonis says:

    Draymond is going to have a helluva career after he retires. He can be a broadcaster, a television host, a journalist… the brother is going to be timeless! What a great interview!

  3. K says:

    It’s impressive how Draymond threw the management under the bus while he still plays for the team. It’s great that he keeps it real. And if the management is confident in who they are, they’ll appreciate it. The management seems pretty solid.

    • Cashmade Shawn says:

      @Blank Phone he locked in for 100+million over the next 3 years and he’s the whole identity of warriors defense lol they would never trade him. He definitely gone retire a warrior

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      I mean…they brought Andre Igoudala back after all the drama he caused. So yea they seem pretty solid for real

    • DJ Bernadotte says:

      @Gear-it! He told management not to get involved he didn’t say they started the argument just that they didn’t need to be involved and it messed a lot of stuff up

    • SC says:

      reminds me of Iggy before they traded him

    • William Howard says:

      They kind of contradict themselves when it comes to the argument. Kd says no one blamed draymond but Kerr and the other dude tried to get him to apologize which he then just disrespect them and laughs in their face lol

  4. Jean Moleus says:

    The level of maturity that KD displayed in this interview is second to none

  5. sam ed says:

    These athletes low key starting to do “media” better than the media

    • C Hsiao says:

      Part of it is because rather than coming off as strangers or being seen as “media”, its more like a conversation. A lot of players are friends, were teammates, or at least have a reputation that shows their characters to others.

    • Hemamset Angaza says:

      They grew up with social media

  6. Coastal Plant Care LLC says:

    KD’s perspective on family and kids is incredible. As a father of two, all you hope for is your kids to follow their own path and be there to catch them if they fall. Only a mature man can fully understand that.

    • BOOK OF ELI says:

      IF they Fall 💯💪🏿. As A Father of 4. My Most Rewarding thing in like is Seeing My Children Accomplishments ❤

  7. Da Kid Gowie says:

    This is a great interview! Often times as fans, we allow envy and the media to form our personal opinions of athletes. We disregard who they actually are as PEOPLE. Interviews like this allow us to see them for who they really are and understand why they made the decisions we deemed controversial. Respect!

  8. ScooterMagruder says:

    Please make more series like this Bleacher Report. This is what we crave as fans.

  9. GENTLEMEN 1ST Fr. says:

    The level of maturity in this interview was second to none 💯

    • Dario Flores says:

      @Romeo G 😭😭😭😭

    • Rob Vinci says:

      Too bad it couldn’t happen sooner smh

    • zkWHAT says:

      They were so incredibly immature, are you serious? They both just scapegoated others while simultaneously admitting they coulda squashed it themselves but didn’t. They’re like 2 kids in a middle school principal’s office that got into a fight and are blaming the teachers for making them mad when it’s obvious they just didn’t get along.

    • Romeo G says:

      @zkWHAT facts💯

    • Jacob Rod says:

      Dude you’re talking about a 32 yr old man being “mature” when KD is an online troll and gets hurt by random bums online like you and me

  10. D J says:

    The “every workout is like a game, and every game is like a workout” hits differently after Jrue said KD plays like the opponents are orange cones and he’s just doing drills. Best scorer ever, effortless.

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