Draymond Ejected After STEPPING On Sabonis 😳

Draymond Ejected After STEPPING On Sabonis 😳

Draymond ejected after stepping on sabonis

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48 Responses

  1. arvandero says:

    “It’s always intentional” -Jordan Poole’s Face

  2. Chanclas says:

    From kicking balls to stomping chests LOL

    • cobrauf says:

      I suppose we should be thankful that it’s not kicking chests and stomping balls 😂

    • K W says:

      Whoa! Who yall talking about? Dramond didn’t kick no balls and he didnt stomp anybody on the chest. He would never do that! Yall just hating on the hardest working man in the game!!! Lol 😅

    • never stop improving says:

      The problem is that Steven Adams did nothing to deserve getting kicked. Green was 100% at fault there.

      Here, this is on Sadonis. I get that he fell, but he completely wrapped his arms around Green’s leg and wouldn’t let go until Green stomped on his chest. This should have gone against Sadonis. You can’t just lay there and restrict another player like that.

  3. Renhard Halim says:

    Draymond accidentally press that finisher button on Sabonis

  4. TheMillennialAngler says:

    “if you can’t beat ‘em, beat them” -draymond green

  5. Kammo says:

    Bro let his impulsive thoughts win 💀

  6. Jotaku Cool says:

    At first I thought the stomp wasn’t that bad considering Sabonis grabbed his leg, and players are prone to ACL/MCL injuries from any sort of leg getting caught. But after the stomp he puts his weight into launching himself into the air off of Sabonis’ midsection. That’s crazy.

    • DABmonstr710 says:

      ​@Mina Zaky you’re talking about milliseconds of time between him falling, covering up, entangling with his leg, and getting stomped.

    • Shade Wolfe says:

      @Alex Why don’t we wait for the medical records to come out and back that theory up.

    • Alex says:

      As someone who doesn’t like draymon green and thinks he is a spas, I can 100% say he did not put any weight on sabonis when stepping over him. It is so obvious from the way draymon jumps over him that he used his left foot to push off the ground not his right.

    • vault hunterzero says:

      @Mina Zaky he literally stomped on dude are you blind

  7. THEIGGOD says:

    Dray stepped on & leaped off Sabonis like he was a lily pad 😭😭

  8. MMM Certified says:

    He didn’t have to Curb stomp Sabonis tho 😭

    • Jeffrey Molina says:

      @STWPLAYZ11 we’ve all been grabbed like this or seen someone grabbed like that and the person didn’t stomp or jump off of somebody like that . Plus sabonis didnt tug or pool like he’s being accused of. Draymond just a dirty player justifying this dirty play. He claims to not be flexible but stays stretching kicks out for low blows

    • never stop improving says:

      @Mr Gotvids you clearly didn’t watch Green’s post game. Reporters asked him about that and apparently it happened in game 1 as well (with another King’s player) and the refs did nothing. Just like they would have done nothing this time if Green wouldn’t have reacted.

      You are correct in that Green loses his cool quite a bit, but this time, Green was justified.

    • Mr Gotvids says:

      @The North and it worked

    • The North says:

      Sab is a bad actor. He purposely hold green’s ankle to cause a reaction.

  9. Yuanツ says:

    Dray really took “putting his ops in the grave” seriously. 😂

  10. Hilaw na saging says:

    Draymond just took “Step up your game” to a whole new level 💀💀

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