Draymond Green ejected for stomping on Sabonis, Kings def. Warriors in Game 2 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Draymond Green ejected for stomping on Sabonis, Kings def. Warriors in Game 2 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Draymond Green was ejected with seven minutes left in the Golden State Warriors Game 2 loss vs. Sacramento Kings after he stomped on Domantas Sabonis. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Draymond’s ejection, Steph Curry’s performance and determine if Draymond should be suspended for Game 3.

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Draymond Green ejected for stomping on Sabonis, Kings def. Warriors in Game 2 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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57 Responses

  1. TJD says:

    Draymond did the Stone Cold Steve Austin stomping mudholes 😂

  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Fox has been one of the best closers the entire season. He has been so smooth and composed especially at high pressure situations. This is the pinnacle, high stake game with so much pressure and Steph/Klay breathing down your neck… he proceeds to hit all the shots he needs to hit.

    • Go Birds says:

      @InTheMoment 84 tell em

    • Nate&Selena _ says:

      @The Big Bronkowski  2002 really ? 😂 that’s 21 years ago and that was their only shot at one garbage 😂😂 no wonder kings fans going crazy 😂

    • obs pareh says:

      @ChillDoc ☝🏻🤓casual

    • ChillDoc says:

      @obs pareh casual

    • Cycle of Life says:

      @InTheMoment 84 I think the broadcast schedule is determined in full before the start of the season but I don’t know if they are left with the option of altering over the course of the season to accommodate unexpected occurrences like teams that are performing above preseason predictions or a player that explodes on the scene unexpectedly and the deem it a necessity to add them at midstream.

  3. Charles E. Nelson says:

    Getting grabbed first will save Green from getting suspended but he knew EXACTLY what he was doing…💯

    • DaPitt84 says:

      @Suss boy you can’t rationalize with some people. Some like to get attention and troll and others are just unintelligible. Can’t fix those.

    • Talia Nun says:

      @TW what are you talking about. Watch it in full time and all the angles. Sabonis fell into Drays leg and didn’t even see him until he rolled over. Sabonis arms were around his leg because Dray was in that space once Sabonis rolled over. Did you even watch the play?

    • Talia Nun says:

      @S. Saetern exactly it’s ridiculous

    • Talia Nun says:

      @Charles E. Nelson what does that have to do with the level that Draymond took it to? I didn’t say Sabonis shouldn’t have got a foul but it’s not to the same level as was what Draymond did.

    • lBlacksanta says:

      ​@J P that interpretation is laughable. Even an intentional kick could’ve had him tossed…. btw….if you’re the type to kick, grab, or swipe at people when playing a game you should at least expect it back. Draymonds history has shown not only does he do these dirty tactics, but he can’t take it if someone tried anything towards him. Usually he then does something even more excessive as a response. Its coward stuff tbh. You’re not in the nba, but you still got that one thing in common with Draymond 😂

  4. The 1flym says:

    Draymond was complaining about Sabonis grabbing him like he wouldn’t have done the exact same thing had the roles been reversed 😂

    • GooFy_xF says:

      @Somregularguy that comment made you feel happy emotionally so you like it. If Sabonis doesn’t grab and twist his ankle, draymond doesn’t step on him. Plain n simple. No emotions just logic

    • G G says:

      @Chadski100 – It’s a logical deduction

    • Apollo says:

      @gdiZzy1 Watch the video. He hit or try to prevent his head from getting hit. He looked hurt when he grabbed Green and let go once Green lifted his leg he intentionally stomped down

    • More Hoops says:

      @Chadski100 – You have access to his account history?

    • Chadski100 - says:

      @More Hoops he’s a warriors fan bc he changed his name and pic? He can’t be a hater here to troll?

  5. Ethan Hartley says:

    So curry gets criticised by skip for having 13 points in both 4th quarters yet KD gets a pass for doing nothing in the 4th in game 1

  6. Akwasi Antwi Boamah says:

    This Sacramento team is so good…the boys are fearless, fast and relentless. I can see them winning a game at the Chase center

    • Walter Diaz says:

      Sac town baby!!! There’s a new big dog up in northern California!! My city has been waiting a long time for this. These haters in the comments need to fall back & understand, your time is OVER!

    • brettsfav4 says:

      @Erik Dayne Overrated?? They’re the defending champs.

    • David Parker says:

      Poole having a DECENT niGht. We win this game

    • Steven Enrique says:

      Yeah Mike Brown and Harrison Barnes will do it to you! Former members that have old pieces of a blueprint they can decode through experience is very dangerous, especially when it’s from coach to player. Fox was built to lock in, while Sabonis feeds off their small balls attempts with everyone pick and popping in between like Keegan and Malik. Everyone commenting are Golden State fans in panic about one thing. Watching their team finally losing early in a series. It’s been 6-7 for so long they couldn’t handle a sweep or five mark my words.

    • Chadski100 - says:

      You’re lying to yourself.

  7. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    “Draymond said he’s not flexible, you sure did a good job of kicking Steven Adams once upon a time you got your leg up real high to kick him”

  8. Kevi says:

    The real issue I saw with the last minutes was that it felt like Klay had a hot hand and he didn’t get the shots to pour on a comeback

  9. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Draymond losing his damn mind out there, you can’t even make that look accidental.

    • Apollo says:

      @Jag Shergill he was protecting his head and let go of Green leg before Green even stepped down

    • Big Almond says:

      @Jag Shergill yea so quick question. What team are you rooting for? I’m for the lakers personally. I watched the game and Sabonis didn’t even have his eyes open if he did something I don’t see it.

    • Jag Shergill says:

      @Robbi that’s a bad analogy sabonis actions could have caused an injury and so could have Greens actions, more like a bump escalated to a punch rather than being shot.

    • Robbi says:

      @Jag Shergill  If someone bumps me on the street and I shoot him, I don’t think people are going to care about a bruised shoulder.

    • Kelvin Thomas says:

      @jwjpowelljp  really, draymond knew what he was doing, especially saying this the second time getting his leg grabbed, so you basically was prepare for it to happen again. He took a stomped and then tried to jump up like he was trying to avoid him.

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