Draymond Green on thin ice with Steve Kerr – Get Up!

Draymond Green on thin ice with Steve Kerr – Get Up!

Mike Woodson and Mike Greenberg take a closer look at the Golden State Warriors’ recent struggles and Steve Kerr appearing to verbalize his frustrations with Draymond Green. Woodson isn’t worried about the Warriors but some of their antics need to be addressed, including Klay Thompson calling out the fans after their 115-111 loss to the Phoenix Suns.

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83 Responses

  1. Jan-Michael Vincent says:

    Draymond Green is overrated he’s just a product of playing with great players put him on any other team and he will be exposed

  2. Bruno wakanda says:

    Dang ESPN went from sports to FBI agent lip reading specialist ?

  3. Emilio Rivera says:

    Klay says they need help from the crowd?! Are you serious? You got 5 five all stars. Stop it.

    • Marquel Allen says:

      +JMB 0305 yal mf dumb once u been on a all star team u have that title no matter wen it was

    • Marquel Allen says:

      yal mf dumb once u been on a all star team u have that title no matter wen it was

    • Anna Meek says:


    • MysticMech says:

      +Harry Summers Not an excuse.
      It’s a fact!! They have 3 all-stars!!
      If we were to use, “WAS” an all-star for every team… every team would have 2 more all-stars than they have. Using “YOUR” logic, Jimmy Butler is a 4x All-star!!! Harris was on the fringe, and many felt he should of been an all-star.

      Meaning. Their starting 5 is solid. Don’t even say it isn’t. Sixers have 3 plus all-stars!! Warriors have 3 all-stars!!!

      That’s facts!! Not an excuse.
      Saying 5 all-stars is BS, and an excuse to pile on a team, that… wait for it…

      Last year. Or the year before, should be used for every team that had a former all-star…
      Or not at all. Not just for GS, to push your anti-Warrior narrative.
      Five all stars? LOL!! Dray and Boogie will never be all-stars again! And they weren’t this year!! Can you count? 2- 5, is what…

      You have been exposed.

    • jdfodio says:

      Because that’s what #Roaracle is known for: a dead crowd. ? So how does Klay explain their success on the road? The supportive crowds?! Klay wants the spoiled techie crowd to stand up when they make a good play instead of taking and posting selfies to show off that they’re at a Warriors game? The problem is that the Warriors ticket prices are too high yet sellout too fast to rich “bandwagon” fans for the true fans to attend the games! It costs at least $125/ticket just to get into the standing room only nosebleed section, so it costs at least $300 (park, enter, eat, etc.) for 2 people to literally STAND DURING THE GAME. True fans (the ones that supported the Warriors even when they sucked) definitely won’t get into Chase Center. It seats thousands less than Oracle Arena. I haven’t been able to get into a game since 2013. Klay better get used to the dead crowd if it’s not a Splash Show every game night. #OhWell

      The truth is that Klay is salty that God just performed another miracle for Devin Booker who defeated him in the 2018 NBA All-Stars 3-Point Contest. Devin was angry when he didn’t qualify to go to the next round this year…and saw God give another non-star the victory over Stephen Curry. Devin has obviously repented and humbled himself again. ?

      He [God] humbles the proud and brings down the arrogant city. He brings it down to the dust.
      – Isaiah 26:5 NLT

      “He [God] has brought down princes from their thrones and exalted the humble.” – Luke 1:52 NLT

      JESUS: “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”
      (Luke 14:11 NLT)

  4. P Sports Reports says:

    They got all this from reading Steve Kerr’s lips? ?

  5. Angelo Peyton says:

    Anybody else remember when Mike Woodson shaved his eyebrows off???

  6. watchful news says:

    Why anything bad about the warriors they put KD picture up their, anything good is curry picture?

    • watchful news says:

      Chivo so your saying KD is the reason the warriors are being talked about today?

    • watchful news says:

      Stephon Eley im going in.

    • CeeWorld says:

      watchful news Steve Kerr and Green’s picture is on this video…..

    • Official Bully says:

      +ngichuru3 yall fake ass NBA fans is cancer yall dont know shit but to argue and cry and dont make no valid points about nothing. All you fags do is listen to keller and shannon for info and swear y’all on game and on point about the sport. Yall dumb as a box of rocks lol.

    • Accidently on Purpose says:

      Media telling us how to think. Fuck them

  7. Ronald Allen says:

    Mfkas tired of that goofball and his shenanigans. Anybody can yell and throw tantrums. PRODUCE!! Then you’re more tolerable ??‍♂️

  8. Offtopic K says:

    Where was this energy when bucks lost them last week?

  9. SuperPunch76 says:

    ESPN has become TMZ. Lip reading? What’s next?

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      It’s a big deal, especially for a guy who’s not producing at his normal level, and seems to have lost a step on D. If you can’t see him say Draymond and Sh*t, you are hoping. To see something else.

    • J Portrait says:

      You must be retarded.. it was clear what he said

    • Алёша Инкогнитов says:

      +Doctor Cthulhu But, in fact Green is fine during all last games. This is Cousins bad D and lots of turnovers. This bullshit have no sence.

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      Алёша Инкогнитов Green has just been that, fine, not the good player he was on the championship run teams.
      They are going after cousins, because he’s the weakest on D, and not even Draymond is that bad.

  10. incipidsigninsetup says:

    Just trade him. He wants a max deal that the warriors can’t or at least shouldn’t pay for. Cousins shouldn’t get signed for another year either.

    • RASHTG says:

      incipidsigninsetup I said this before that if GSW get eliminates during the playoffs, it will be because of Cousin. He isn’t 100% and his defense isn’t great. It’s not bad as he’s trying hard but it’s not great since he’s not 100%. If Bogut is coming back then he better come back fast or Cousin will cost them a ring.

      Draymond also needs to chill. He’s an average player. He isn’t Klay or KD or Curry. I don’t even think he’s at Iggy’s level either. Iggy is better than Draymond, he’s just out of his prime so he can’t do as much but skills wise, he’s better both offensively and defensively.

    • Jalontae Jordan says:


  11. JMB 0305 says:

    It really 3 allstar. Klay and Steph and darant. Draymond no. Cousins no. Let’s be real here

  12. A Real Good Guy says:

    Kerr said “I’m so tired of fried chicken”. The media smh

  13. Roy Jones says:

    Kerr doesn’t have lips, so what the hell was being read?

  14. jesusman 1982 says:

    I’m so tired of everyone riding on golden state bandwagon!! Just read between the lines it’s over with!!

  15. Shamar Williams says:

    So only warriors and Lebron talk? Man I swear dame just dropped 51 talk about something Else

    • Aries Marquis says:

      Right! You would think the NBA has no talent because all they talk about is either Lebron or Golden State! Smh

  16. UtotheJ says:

    This is why Lebron is fluent in Towel… these ESPN talking heads have a rough time coming up with materials to discuss

  17. Slap_Ah_Hoe says:

    This is why nba players cover there mouths when talking lol

  18. Mr SS says:

    Draymond haven’t been the same since the team took KD side and let him know he wasn’t as important as he thought he was

  19. The Lonely Banter says:

    They should movie Cousins to the bench. Draymond is declining.

  20. DooDa says:

    Everyone is tired of Draymond’s antics. He is an average player that fills a key role on the GSW.

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