Dray’s Warriors-Kings Game 1 breakdown, reaction to De’Aaron Fox & Malik Monk | Draymond Green Show

Dray’s Warriors-Kings Game 1 breakdown, reaction to De’Aaron Fox & Malik Monk | Draymond Green Show

Draymond Green’s podcast after Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings first round NBA playoff series includes him discussing the great games De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk had, the shot Steph Curry attempted at the end of regulation, Andrew Wiggins’s return, and adjustments the Warriors can make. Then, he discusses the Knicks-Cavaliers game including big performances from Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart, the Celtics beating the Hawks but Jaylen Brown re-injuring his hand, and the 76ers beating the Nets behind James Harden’s big game.

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43 Responses

  1. Sports Fan_91 says:

    So cool to have an athlete at this level doing something like this immediately after games, let alone playoff games.

    • Tyrell Davis says:

      I kno this a sports fan dream

    • Connor_Phillipz says:

      @The One Norealer Not sure why it would. It’s free content and Draymond literally played in the game. Like him or not it’s an interesting perspective.

    • Matt says:

      @TL Tarzan Agreed, even the ending. Klay should’ve just tried shooting the two to win it but passed it Wiggins who was 1-8 from three lol. What’s assuring though is Dearon got 38 and Wiggins missed every three. So should be good.

    • Cazey Croland says:

      It’s truly something that is one of one.

    • Holy Trinity says:

      at this level… u mean a role player

  2. Damon Goldstein says:

    Not a huge fan of Draymond at all but these player perspectives of the game are always interesting. Makes you feel like you’re in the huddle with the team.

  3. Kazzy Khazaal says:

    He’s 100% right, you can’t knock him for doin the podcast during the playoffs. The man won the championship last year!!!

    • Will Umbach says:

      @Atomic I don’t care anymore go do something else

    • Atomic says:

      @Will Umbach You’re saying def+/- is sad? Just watch the games dude you are actually a casual LMAO look at the names he is listed with.. all elite defenders no way you are trying to invalidate the stat… You do not need stats you can just watch and see.

    • Atomic says:

      @Burco Presents Yea I know I have watched him hold his own vs Jokic and then guard any perimter player 😭 I am not a warriors fan or Draymond Green fan but dude is saying he isn’t top 5 is just some CASUAL shit man..

    • Toooppy says:

      Yea cause he avg 25+ to win them that serious lol

  4. regal h says:

    I personally like the fact he does a podcast after a playoff game it’s a new day in sports media players can dissect the game themselves they don’t need ESPN or Charles Barkley etc speaking for them.

    • Dr. Alexander Hamilton says:

      great comment

    • yai says:

      he cares more about his podcast than the playoffs lol first thing he does he go to his mic

    • Julian Jones says:

      The sportscasters have opinions, player speak facts. How can you speak on something you haven’t don’t more profoundly the professional athletes and then discredit them. So great perspective. Cool.

    • Ju says:

      And they get to do it on their terms

    • Colin Edelman says:

      @Dylan BentonNOBODY turns inside the nba for analysis of the games. It’s entertaining, Chuck and Shaq barely watch the games and don’t know players name. Kenny is the one who’s knowledgeable but he likes to joke a lot too.
      Nba YouTube analysts are better.

  5. pito ketoo says:

    Kings fan since 85. Entertaining game . Kudos both teams. This what the NBA needs. 👏

    • Atty Jewitt says:

      We’re back 🙌🏽😭

    • 0hsoAJ says:

      If there’s any team that I’d be ok with beating the dubs it be the kings , great fan base that been starved of competetive basketball , let’s hope all the games was as entertaining as last night !


    This man is just amazing, on and off the court, giving us fans what we have not been offered by a player before. We should appreciate Dray more.

  7. Jimmy Ohiri says:

    Yea this is dope in the post season. Seeing what mindset a player has to make game to game adjustments is incredible

  8. s2kBscreamin says:

    Dray with these after game breakdowns always appreciated whether it’s a win or loss. ❤

  9. Leslene Hart says:

    This commentary takes courage in real time. I appreciate your accountability. 🇨🇦 Professional but not spilling any tea!!! Hats off to you

  10. Sir Axeterisk says:

    I knew they were gonna be frustrated specially dray because he really did so much on the D but a lot of blocks and steals didn’t convert into points

    • az001m says:

      @Demetrius Middleton yes they. Unless the kings drove the ball and got to the line with negligible and sometimes NO contact, or kept a player in the back court and when the set wasn’t working had that player run into a 3 they had a hard time scoring. 1:1 with the warriors defense they had a hard time scoring. At half time they were down 6 because warriors missed good looks they usually make.

    • That’s the way says:

      @Demetrius Middleton they actually did. This Kings offense is elite. They completely shut Sabonis down.

      Fox just did 🦊 things.

    • Sir Axeterisk says:

      @Demetrius Middleton “he”

    • Demetrius Middleton says:

      They “did so much on the D”? Pause⏸️

    • Darvly Jb says:

      50 3 points😢😢😢😢😢

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