Dream – Minecraft Death Shuffle Extra Scenes

Dream – Minecraft Death Shuffle Extra Scenes

This is extra scenes from Dream’s channel of the “Minecraft Death Shuffle…” video. We react to what happened during the video and look at some of the map afterwards.

Original Video:

This video was crazy fun to make, and was definitely one of the most interesting challenges.

Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do 🙂

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43 Responses

  1. Debo Gaming says:

    The fact that George found the dreams void is so good damn funny

  2. The Basic Btch says:

    George talking about how disappointing losing is. Dream literally going back to the void thing and how he used his gitch

  3. jai says:

    George sniffing out the void hole was impressive honestly

  4. OwO says:

    It sure would be fun to do this with a friend and hear them cry for help constantly.

  5. PuzzLEGO says:

    personally I loved the throwback content, back to a time when dream and george were just having fun and making simpler videos

  6. BrokenLifeCycle says:

    George’s experience as hunter in manhunt makes him exceptionally good at tracking Dream’s whereabouts.

  7. Hexra says:

    Dream: “Don’t be a crybaby”
    George: “I’m not crying”

    >Implying that George agrees that he’s a baby

  8. Ara Mae says:

    if dream did use the void trap in a manhunt all the hunters would be like: “iTs So UnFaIr” but it would be funny…

    • fine says:

      I don’t think there is a single possible strategy or trap that would help you in a 1v5 situation against 5 seasoned veterans, which they wouldn’t cry about and ban.

  9. Halex says:

    *For those curious about that glitch death message George triggered*
    6:03 For those wondering death.fell.accident.water originally had the death message “ fell out of the water” its intended use was for when players would fall out of a water block high up (like a waterfall) and die of fall damage. Eventually, Mojang removed the death message text in favor of just saying the player died to fall damage, and the proper way to trigger it was also removed. This left the only way to trigger the death through a glitch where you have to die from fall damage while landing inside a water source which can be done in the way George shows in the video (Or by being on a server with high server lag and flying with an elytra directly downwards into water, however this isn’t reliable). Since the text for the message was removed, it shows the internal name in the game files for the type of death instead, every type of death has a name like text.text.text.text however all except for death.fell.accident.water have a message to display.

  10. Yizzy says:

    Can we all agree that when He upload our day gets better! 💖

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