Dream SMP Bloopers

Dream SMP Bloopers

Youtooz Giveaway → sad-ist.youtooz.com

VOICE CLIPS comes from the streams of the Dream SMP members
I was gonna add more, but time constraint 😛

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Yoo! I’m in a sadist animatic!!!

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57 Responses

  1. SAD-ist says:

    SADistooz Giveaway!! 😀 → sad-ist.youtooz.com

  2. Pixelcraftian says:

    All of these have been animated, which means they’re now canon. Checkmate, DreamSMP writers.

  3. Magma Ren says:

    This made those funny moments a thousand times funnier XD

  4. Winshard says:

    SAD-ist your voice is so relaxing hngggg

  5. Dead Bread says:

    I love how they see SAD-it’s as like there own personal big animator. I just kinda think it’s wholesome.

  6. Infigold ! says:

    The fact that sadist added technoblade saying so long Theseus in the chat after Tommy gets struck by lighting is just more proof that she pays attention to detail

  7. Shivargha Bhattacharya says:

    Rip Ranboo’s acting, press F to pay respects

  8. Sonia’s Way says:

    Wilbur : breaks the fourth wall
    Sad-ist : Disappointment

  9. Camila Cuevas says:

    That was so funny and cleverly animated. You rock queen ♥

  10. CrownedX Wolf says:

    When Tommy laughs he sounds like he’s been smoking for years 😂

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