Dream Team Reality TV Show…

Dream Team Reality TV Show…

Dream Team Reality TV Show…

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If the Dream Team had a reality TV show, this is probably what it would be like…

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82 Responses

  1. DreamSMP Hangout says:

    petition to make this a real thing

  2. Ayundaru says:

    Lasagna looks *JUST* like an apple. I don’t get it?

  3. Beppo says:

    I like how George is titled: Dream’s “friend”

  4. Unrab says:

    Doesn’t look like it is made in 2004.

  5. NîghtmârêÎnk says:

    George being called Dream’s “friend”
    Everyone: *Are you sure about that*

  6. Kenzy Jumps says:

    Dreams “friend”
    Sometimes I think they ship dnf more than we do :0

  7. • P i n k V e l v e t • says:

    did anyone else see ‘dreams “FRIEND”’

    *heatwaves begins to play*

  8. All about That Bass says:

    George: *talks*
    Dream: *talks*
    Bad: *talks*
    Sapnap: I just sit back and observe

  9. Doggo Luz says:

    George roleplays in Dream Shorts better than he does in the Dream SMP.

  10. Millie says:

    this needs to be a series with like 5-10 minute episodes “dream team reality show” or “keeping up with the dream team” BAHADDJFKS

  11. pog thru the pain says:

    Dreams ”friend”

    Ah yes a _”friend”_

  12. Just_Olive says:

    As a colorblind person, I can say the shirt was purple.

  13. Super664 says:

    Bad: “Yea George, yesterday I asked you to bring me an apple, and you brought me a LASAGNA!”
    George saying his opinion: *’Dreams Friend’*

  14. theJaDE_LLaMa says:

    Dream: Hey George, could you get me some pizza?
    George: *Brings some chips*
    Dream: Wha-
    George: *I’m colorblind.*

  15. Sad Tomato says:

    Dream: throw out the trash
    George: *throws Dream in trash*
    Dream: …
    George: *I’M COLOR BLIND*

  16. Fizzy Lemon Swirl says:

    Other creators: Does one thing and gets demonized
    George: Blurrs the picture of the eel and people find it
    YouTube: *It’s ok he doesn’t know he’s colorblind*

  17. Israel Lopez says:

    “I don’t understand why everyone hates me just because I am colorblind.” – GeorgeNotFound

    Poor George, its not his fault.

  18. Hyfoam says:

    George: *Do you want to play catch?*
    Dream: *Sure*
    George: *wHy DoEs EvErYbOdY hAtE mE*

  19. tsundokusbox says:

    groeg: I was colourblind.

  20. -#S0FTBBIE says:

    Sapnap: I literally asked for a milkshake why did you give me coffee??

    George: wELL iTs mY FaULt I’m CoLouRbLiNd 🙄🙄🙄

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