Drew Bursts into Tears When David Letterman Surprises Her in Person for a Birthday Bash Episode

Drew Bursts into Tears When David Letterman Surprises Her in Person for a Birthday Bash Episode

David Letterman’s still got it! He pulls a Zoom prank on Drew we have to applaud in this tease. Watch as we celebrate our very own Drew Barrymore for her birthday with the help of some people you might know – Cameron Diaz, Steven Spielberg, Jimmy Fallon, Letterman, and more! Don’t miss all the fun February 22.

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52 Responses

  1. Anthony Recupero says:

    There is no other than David Letterman. I have been a fan from the very start, Thanks, Dave.

  2. David Ledger says:

    I watched a video last night of Dave pranking Tom Snyder with crank phone calls from back in the 90s. I had no idea he ever did that. It’s so nice to see Dave is still around with his quirky sense of humor busting peoples balls. It made me cry a little to know that he is still around sort of (as they say in the Big Lebowski), “taking it easy for us sinners.” The Dave abides.

  3. SekhmetSecretWeapon says:

    awwww, darn you made me cry!!!!! lololol…..

    • Marisa Nocito says:

      I think she made everyone in the comments cry and all her fans.

    • Stevie M says:

      ​@Marisa Nocito shes just such a genuinely adorable crier – when she was pregnant on Fallon and promoting the movie Blended with sandler, she thought she was just singing with adam sandler a song called “Every 10 Years” while Fallon played on guitar behind them. Then boom, at the end Fallon starts playing “Grow Old With You” and Drew bawled it was sooo special and adorable. The Wedding Singer will always be my fav.

  4. Stevie M says:

    okay well, this is adorable. i wanted to have him hug her so bad. stupid CoVid, always ruining things!

  5. Devlin Adams says:

    I remember when drew was an guest on letterman & she stood on his desk & FLASHED him. LOL wayyy back in the 1990’s . classic tv. It’s good to see them together again.❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁

  6. MyEyesOnU says:

    For once, he shocked her and not the other way around! He looked like he wanted to cry too.

  7. Mr K says:

    What a full-circle moment ❤️✨ the significance got me right in the feels – you’ve done so good Drew 🙏❤️✨✨

  8. Rafi Ibn Ferdous says:

    From Drew surprised Dave in his Birthday at late show to Dave surprised Drew in her show.
    Full Circle of life.

  9. The Drew Barrymore Show says:

    SEE MORE! Drew’s Birthday episode airs Monday, 2/22! Check your local listings: https://www.thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/watch-on-tv

  10. Kiara Pelestor says:

    Omg this is so sweet…I literally started tearing up. :’)

  11. N Patricia Castillo says:

    Didn’t expect to cry as hard as I did watching this! She’s so touched by the surprise that her reaction moved me deeply. And David Letterman – love him! ❤️

  12. Lisa Chucka says:

    The look on Drew’s face when he walks out is just priceless. Dave, you done a solid to give her a wonderful, unforgettable birthday memory. Drew deserves all the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    • Stevie M says:

      i swear people who have big, emotional reactions (like Oprah is a good example) who wear their heart on their sleeve make the best talk show hosts. I’ve noticed Kelly Clarkson also is quick to cry and I think people love watching people who simply can’t contain their true emotions – in a good way!

  13. Julie Rose says:

    aw she made me cry. She’s such a beautiful genuine person. Ok im gonna go watch 50 first dates for the azillionth time now

  14. mjguz says:

    She’s loved Dave since she was a little girl. Dave and Tom Brokaw. This must mean so much to Drew. I’m happy she had this surprise!

  15. Luc Grillet says:

    this probably the most wholesome thing I’ve watched all month.

  16. Daniel Olveda says:

    Drew is such a beautiful unproblematic queen! Love her so much!

  17. Ty says:

    Okay that was a big moving than I expected and I don’t get moved. This one did it though. Drew’s reaction is moving.

  18. CF Paintings says:

    this is very sweet, you can see the impact he’s had on her well being.

  19. Victor Kong says:

    Like Conan said, David Letterman coming on your show is one of the most important validations a talk show host can have – it means he believes in you and he thinks you’re gonna make it.

    • Stevie M says:

      …in the year 🎶 200000000000000… 🎶

    • Rick0982 says:

      He believed in Conan.

      Conan stands out above the rest for me because he’s highly educated, high IQ, and uses his abilities and charisma to make people laugh. As a bonus, Letterman gave Conan his start.

    • Stevie M says:

      @Rick0982 yep he even went out of his way to be 100% Team Conan on the Conan vs Jay Leno NBC battle, “I know what it feels like to have Jay Leno steal your show” 😂 Conan was in bad shape mentally during that time and I think he really appreciated the support he got from Letterman back then when he was getting his start and also when he left NBC and they gave Jay Leno his show back. (Pre-TBS days)

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