Drinking Cyanide

Drinking Cyanide

Will I die if I drink a small amount of deadly sodium cyanide? watch and find out! This video is for educational purposes only!
In case you are wondering the sodium cyanide tastes a bit like baking soda but smells like roasted almonds or crushed apple seeds.
list 25 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXtPvNnry_g
Old video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNcJqKuvt68
Unused take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nY4W-gG2E

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19 Responses

  1. Adolf Hitler says:


  2. SexyJamal77 says:


  3. Regality says:

    Cyanide, mercury, what’s next? Smoking polonium?

  4. Musa.Joker says:

    next up:
    drinking mercury
    edit: i wonder how a liquid metal would feel inside your mouth. no dick
    jokes please.

  5. Torebun says:

    Nice job Cody! I will be streaming my live suicide cyanide drinking event
    too in an hour!

  6. MrMohayder says:

    Watch next week:
    Cody eats Plutonium!

  7. Mikolaj Boreysza says:

    now drink bleach……. for science

  8. Bart Hamburg says:

    You would be surprised to find out what the truth about the Holocaust
    actually is. It’s not what they tell you in school.

  9. 杨恒 says:

    i will be worried sick if he dont update for months….(who knows what
    nasty things he will drink next

  10. Daniel Kuehn says:

    Can you show us how to extract cyanide from apple seeds?

  11. Вадим Туров says:

    not sodium cyanide but hydrogen cyanide was used by nazis

  12. Tyler Ross says:

    bathing in liquid uranium

  13. Eric Vierling says:

    Cody we need to have a talk about depression. Whenever you feel like life
    is too much just remember, suicide is not the answer. Don’t drink dangerous
    chemicals. Stop it, get some help. I’m here for you buddy

  14. Hamzak / VideoMaker says:

    How SovietWomble is gonna make videos without him?

  15. light says:

    Up next: Using Uranium sprinkles for cupcakes

  16. systempatcher says:

    16 milligrams in about 1 liter of water, and he drank (maybe) 100ml.
    (16e-3) g/L * (.1) L

    So he drank about 16e-4 grams, or 1.6 milligrams, if I did the math right
    in my head.
    That’s 0.53% of what he defined as a lethal dose.
    Calm down people.

  17. yakir11114 says:

    1:25 there’s a cut. we cant know if what you drank was what you tested.
    just saying

  18. Sloth55Chunk says:

    Better wear gloves to protect yourself from what you’re drinking

  19. I'm Orbzi says:

    White people wont eat gluten but will do this shit.