Drive Thru Alligator Prank

Drive Thru Alligator Prank

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What’s up! I’m Rahat, the Magical Prankster, and welcome to my channel. Every since I was a kid, I have always been curious and inspired by magic. I had always dreamed of perfecting my skills to be one of the greats, like Harry Houdini or David Cooperfield. Now that I am an adult, I use the magician skills I have developed to entertain, prank and create really cool YouTube videos for my fans. Check out my collection of magic pranks, drive thru pranks, and other things that will always keep you entertained, shocked and always laughing. You never know what is going to happen, so click SUBSCRIBE and make a little magic part of your everyday.

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20 Responses

  1. Deranged Pranks says:

    Lol nice

  2. AlrightyAaron says:

    stick to these kind of videos

  3. BCA CLAN says:

    Let Eric make a YouTube account please

  4. Devin Effendi says:

    that is taras kul friends right

  5. Sean 20 says:

    That last one really was pure gold LMAO!! ??

  6. C0TY1990 says:


  7. Osman Yilmaz says:


  8. Valbuenium says:

    Seems like the alligator wanted to take a little bite. Alas, I have made a
    little bit of an innuendo joke for the first time… and second…

  9. Jeffrey (Minty Swirls) says:

    I tried not to laugh because it’s like 5:00 a.m.

  10. Dom Lang says:

    Wow this was good. Haven’t seen something this good in a little bit

  11. darkdweller18 says:

    exactly how much fast food is consumed during the making of these videos

  12. Voidmare Shydeath says:

    You should have given a little bit of food to the alligator

  13. Hamza Zedouk says:

    0:14 that guy was like i saw everything u cannot get me

  14. Vance Sirron says:

    Sometimes the most simple pranks are the most effective.

  15. Jack Musleh says:

    0:13 a worker opened the window lol!

  16. Daytimed says:

    I like that they keep their pranks simple, and don’t actually hurt anyone.

  17. Sam @ L E says:

    gator sandwiches

  18. Comedy on Cartoons says:

    lmao that guy in the drive through window at the beginning he was like

  19. BreeDoesStuff says:

    the last one though ??

  20. Addison Heddins says:

    That was pretty funny! I’m sure you brightened their day with that!