Driver Witnesses Dump Truck Crash Into Highway Sign in Jacinto City, Texas

Driver Witnesses Dump Truck Crash Into Highway Sign in Jacinto City, Texas

Bruh this crazy asf…

And yes YaBoy’s back to the random Facebook video uploads that y’all enjoy aha

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20 Responses

  1. Hunta says:

    What they should’ve done is went in front of him and slowed down. (Although that could be very dangerous)

  2. Rabid wolverine says:

    How the fuck he doesn’t know that shit was up.

  3. Trash Panda says:

    not even 7k views 28 likes #24 yt trending wtf

  4. J.B. Johnson says:

    Dude could’ve got his window fixed and blamed it on the truck if it wasn’t for this recording

  5. TamMyBoy says:

    GTA 6 looks good

  6. ModFox says:

    *Disclaimer* – they are on the set of FF9

  7. MKW31 says:

    Good thing he hit that sign before the bridge.

  8. burnt.ramen says:

    How could someone be so retarded?

  9. akachuy says:

    Idiots didn’t try hard enough to tell him. He needed to be stopped.

  10. Jayden Crowther says:

    Those fucking Americans

  11. Jesse almaguer says:

    It’s bad enough we got a Tropical storm coming, now some jackass can’t even drive a truck properly.

  12. ChickenHead Man says:

    The truck driver KNOCKS DOWN a sign and he FLiPS his truck on its side. How does he EXPLAiN this on his resume?

  13. Typical says:

    Maybe the Truck driver really just hates signs telling him what to do

  14. JustLouIt says:

    Probably an illegal immigrant driving that dump truck

  15. ocast evo says:

    The trucker was a dumbass trump supporter.

  16. Justin G says:

    Dumb fucking people these days, thinking they’re saving lives by rowing a window down for 4in and put your hand out I just doing it down juster! People are so fucking stupid these days I hope no one died I hope no innocent child died from that incident! Everyone that seen it is at blame if it happened! Not supposed to be your hero you’re supposed to be human and help human life to provide shit like this instead of letting shit happen put your fucking phone down and help someone

  17. I Like Bichons says:

    The real crime is that this was filmed in vertical

  18. Colton Allgire says:

    Trucker drives as good as Trump Supporters at arguing.

  19. spllitz says:

    You’re the fucking idiot for giving the driver a stupid hand gesture

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