Drone footage shows Harvey’s destruction

Drone footage shows Harvey’s destruction

Drone footage from Rockport, Texas, shows the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

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20 Responses

  1. Konsey 4524 says:

    Fake News!

    (Edit: You don’t get the Sarcasm right?)

  2. Mannu Singh says:

    Question: Why are homes made up of wood in US?

  3. Postal Dude says:

    *Nothing like a good nothing burger in the morning from your friends at CNN!*


    CNN is like a vulture flying over a carcass waiting to spin this shit.

  5. V says:

    Hey CNN trolls!! Great news! Everyone knows you come here and drown these feeds with your “brilliant” posts because you’re paid to change the subject from trumps 24 percent approval rating! Lmao. You should consider suicide you fucking losers.

  6. TROLLGUNNER666 says:


  7. Dragan Kicanovic says:

    Blame Russia for it

  8. Dawn Michelle Fifer's Channel for CONSPIRATARDS says:

    CAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! RACIST CNN!!! You’re going down soon too!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *SNORT!!!!*

  9. RICEMAN says:

    Gotta watch out this might be a fake simulation because CNN posted it

  10. TeleTube says:

    Don’t be an asshole during this period of crisis CNN. Storms are not racist.

  11. Mr. America says:

    Hopefully CNN will look like this one day

  12. CNN Sucks says:

    CNN’s destruction continues.

  13. Kerkopes says:

    Looks like CNN has given up on its Youtube channel. Nothing left here but burger trolls & bots, commenting on the daily clip. lol

  14. Deana Khoshaba says:

    Looking at this massive devastation and seeing how many thousands are homeless, left with nothing, how is it that anyone would be arguing? What if you lost everything and had nowhere to go? This is what is wrong with humanity. Instead of thinking about who you hate, maybe think about how you can help? This is an opportunity for all of us AMERICANS to help each other. Come on.

  15. That Dude says:

    I’ll bet Trump is watching this and jacking off in front of his TV.

  16. Ghenghy says:

    Where are you CNN, you know this is all Trump’s fault. I’m disappointed in you clowns, spin it baby, spin it! #CNNFakeFuckingNews™

  17. AnthonyG says:

    Maybe you guys should have been providing useful information before this hurricane hit instead of bashing Trump like he’s your ex-boyfriend. Are you guys being paid by the government to be hated by the public? I really think you guys are purposely being set as a distraction.

  18. Bill Browning says:

    I just saved %15 switching to Gieco

  19. Jack Vitale says:

    when CNN fakes a hurricane to make Trump look bad

  20. Pixel Dust says:

    I saw CNN camera crews taking seats on rescue boats, seats that should have been available for those in need.

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