Drone footage shows MOAB drop in Afghanistan

Drone footage shows MOAB drop in Afghanistan

Video shows the moment of impact when a U.S. ‘Mother of all Bombs’ was dropped on an ISIS cave and tunnel system in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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20 Responses

  1. AICabal says:

    I like to think that for a split moment, the ISIS pigs suffered agonising pain.

  2. Reactnd says:

    The Isis in there are now dust. Thanks trump. Well done.

  3. OhEzzi says:

    The kid who got that Moab was going off

  4. Z STRODE says:

    I hope ISIS gets the point

  5. SneakerheadInTheD says:

    USA got that 25 kill streak

  6. Scott Mescudi says:

    I love trump

  7. Never24Summer says:

    A few months in office and dropping bombs. Could be a good thing.

  8. REDPotriats757 says:

    imagine how times “wtf was that” got said that day?

  9. Da Bowl Of Rice says:

    “You need 26 more kills for another MOAB strike.”

  10. Manny 23 says:

    Trump got a 30 killstreak ??

  11. Joseph Ybarra says:

    I still think the bomb was too small….

  12. Tyonne Airlines says:

    Trump must’ve used that ACR with the silencer with hardline to get those 24 kills

  13. Toxic Rize says:


  14. Johan Ofinlohigh says:

    I didn’t see shit. Looked like a random spot i the dessert to me. For all I know, this bomb was dropped on a bunch of young unarmed black men who were upstanding citizens, and had plans to go to college and raise their mulatto babies instead of living on welfare and selling tainted weed.

  15. pilipukas123 says:

    Good job Trump, now bring some FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to North Korea ! 😀

  16. aequitasmurphy says:

    36 dead. But the important question is how many of these pieces of shit are currently trapped and will have a slow death? That’s the cherry on top.

  17. R Ds says:

    I dropped one like that this morning

  18. Dwayne Kapoor says:

    instead they might had dropped a samsumg note 7

  19. Jin Lucas says:

    S.Koreans love America very much. The US respects its allies as equal friends, but China thinks that by destroying S.Korea and Japan, it can take over the superpower title from the United States. In 1950, the United States fought against the Korean War without the conditions of liberal democracy in Korea.
    Since then, the United States and South Korea have fought together, including the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. Thanks to the full support of the United States, Korea ranks fourth in the World Army and has experienced tremendous economic growth. Many Koreans are not afraid to die for America. If the war with North Korea starts, I will go to Pyongyang with a gun and a knife to kill Kim Jong Eun and many North Koreans. Thank You USA!

  20. dh hd says:

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