Drone Rescue

Drone Rescue

Two Months ago my roommate drunkenly lost my small drone on a neighbors roof. Two months later after upgrading to a larger drone I attempted a rescue of the smaller drone using hooks I made from coat hangers. Here is the result.

Also would like to add that access to the roof wasn’t possible

which lead me to this haha.

Music used in this video is from Interstellar and the track is called “No time for caution” by Hans Zimmer”

Drone rescued was a Syma X5C and the drone that rescued it was a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

For licensing / usage, please contact licensing@viralhog.com

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20 Responses

  1. Timothy Carrasco says:

    If there’s a will there’s a way .nice flying 

  2. MrRaveYard says:

    I cri everi tiem…

  3. Rworld says:

    …I’m assuming you weren’t on very friendly terms with your neighbour?

  4. sty0pa says:

    That square thing on the roof RIGHT NEXT to the ‘lost drone’?

    That’s a roof hatch. Typically, there’s a ladder inside.
    Seriously, nobody would even have to GO on the roof to get it, just walk up
    a bloody ladder and OPEN a DOOR.

  5. Kumaran Alagesan says:

    Watch a Drone Rescue Another Drone with Coat Hangers

  6. Alicia Howse says:

    Reminds me of a perspective of a claw in a claw machine lol

  7. GREGOR PAOK says:

    interstellar the greatest movie of all time

  8. Andre Carvalho says:

    nice control man !

  9. Ben Schoon (NexusBen) says:

    CC +Michael Interbartolo because Interstellar.

  10. Steven Mautone says:

    First of all this is awesome. Second, the music. 

  11. K-9 COOPER says:

    But wait was that a ladder near where the rescued drone was lowered down
    to?.. Some are saying ah ah what’s the deal you said the roof was not
    accessible and you could have used a ladder. Of course roofs can be
    accessed but at what cost? From my experience doing roofing there was not
    much room for a latter & a professional should be the one using it because
    of the roofs height & the lacking of room to safely use a latter. Sure he
    could have hired someone but at what expense and besides it appears he
    wanted to make a video showing the downed quad could be rescued and put the
    money towards something else. Maybe his neighbor is like some people that
    have been leaving rude comments who knows and I could careless.

    I guess he should have left the part out about the roof not being
    accessible but maybe the owner of the house would not let him or any one
    else get his quad I personally do not chiv a get. Nice video now what’s
    your neighbors phone number so we can call him and let him know his roof is
    less one quad now LOL and watch your video…..?

  12. Rudy Rivapalacio says:

    ha, nice!

  13. adrianp972 says:

    Interstellar music. Yes please. 

  14. Thang Nguyen says:

    FUCKK!!! I’m so pissed. I did this rescue of my drone 2 months ago using
    DJI 3 Phantom 3 Pro to Rescue a Syma X8C but when it got to the rescue
    part, I forgot the memory card in my room. This could have been my video
    with 2 mil views in 2 days! Congrats, bro. hehe.

  15. Danny May says:

    I dislike this because some licencing company has chimed in to try and make
    money off this.

  16. Robert O'Block says:

    All I see is one Skynet spy bot picking up another to deliver it to what is
    obviously a terminator model.

  17. Mario Ruiz says:

    Un drone rescata a otro drone

  18. Heptode says:

    Way to go! When someone says no, it just sets a tougher challenge. Glad you
    squared up to the task. Maximum points for effort. Good video too. So
    what’s the next target for the hooks?

  19. Travis Heinze says:

    So, some voyeur can’t actually talk to the home owners and ask for
    permission to go onto the roof of the home he was spying on. He has to be
    as sneaky in the rescue as he was with his spying.

  20. EpicLPer says:

    FINALLY someone who knows how to set his video record options right, even
    tho not 60 FPS but that’s just me being pickish ;D Anyways, great work,
    didn’t know the Phantom 3 can actually lift that much with ease, have one
    myself! :)