Dropkick Murphys – Streaming Up From Boston

Dropkick Murphys – Streaming Up From Boston

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The Show Must Go On !! St. Patrick’s Day 2020 live stream concert from Boston, Mass.
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42 Responses

  1. BigFrickenTurk says:

    This show was a St. Patrick’s day miracle! Great job!

    • Kent Dooley says:

      Watching it again!

    • Dr. Slate says:

      You have the first comment!

    • Aurora c says:


    • Pete Hutchins says:

      2:07 The Irish Rover
      5:48 The Boys Are Back
      8:48 Paying My Way
      12:51 Black Velvet Band
      16:00 Don’t Tear Us Apart
      21:00 First Class Loser
      23:56 Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
      27:52 Blood
      31:51 Famous For Nothing
      39:24 The Bonny
      42:05 Smash Shit Up
      46:45 Going Out In Style
      50:56 Cruel
      55:25 Worker’s Song
      1:00:17 Time To Go
      1:03:27 The Fields Of Athenry
      1:07:29 Sunday Hardcore Matinee
      1:10:06 I Fought The Law
      1:14:10 Forever
      1:17:35 The Rocky Road To Dublin
      1:20:28 The State Of Massachussetts
      1:24:16 You’ll Never Walk Alone
      1:28:33 Mick Jones Nikked My Pudding
      1:32:06 Queen Of Suffolk County
      1:36:44 Burn It To The Ground
      1:40:29 Rose Tattoo
      1:45:26 Until The Next Time
      1:50:45 I’m Shipping Up To Boston

  2. Tyler Jenne says:

    This was the best gift from DKM. Sad that work is down for many friends but the music brings us all up! Big respect for Dropkick Murphys

  3. Allen Cooke says:

    thk u guys so much felt apart of something being stuck home

  4. Kai_is_kewl _demon says:

    I always thought I was the only drop kick Murphys fan until I went to a concert :3

  5. anita Crumbly says:

    This was honestly one of the best shows I’ve witnessed I didn’t think a streamed show could be

  6. Ken Reilly says:

    “The Queen of Suffolk County” may be the greatest song evuh!!

  7. The Hank and Batman show says:

    Thank you DKM,the show was great. Probably the only time I’ll get to see you guys live on ST Patrick’s day.Even got my eight year old son to watch the concert with me,he was digging the tunes.You May have a future fan in him,thanks again lads!!

  8. Nikoletta Kyriakakis says:

    Really appreciate you guys doing this 💚 We’re getting drunk and moshing in the living room… all 2 of us lol

  9. roo1981 rattag says:

    Never thought I’d get to see the world famous St Patrick’s day gig in Boston from DKM. Absolutely amazing show.

  10. Secondhand Wildflowers says:

    Thanks boys , for the two hours my heart didn’t hurt so bad, and not being home didn’t burn so hard.

  11. Chrispy B says:

    Dropkick Murphys single handedly salvaged my St. Paddy’s day. Thank you.

  12. RM Smith says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! My 16 year old daughter is medically fragile so we have been housebound for days. Thanks for bringing the joy of St Patrick to us in our home. It really meant a lot to us.

  13. Jason Kuechenmeister says:

    The level of genius for a group that relies so heavily on sing along type songs to play to an empty room and still make me go hoarse in my living room with the same energy.. well hell, ya done good boys. Thank you so much

    • Steinfeld Motors says:

      same here. started a couple if minutes past midnight where I live. sitting in my living room, all alone, turned up the volume, didn’t give a shit about my neighbours and celebrated along. so good

    • Pat Green says:

      Couldnt have said it better myself

  14. bigbadbeano says:

    This was outstanding. I’ve always loved the Dropkick Murphys but this makes them even better. Props to Pega as well. The production value and energy level were excellent, as that cannot be easy keeping it up in what is essentially a practice for all intents and purposes. I greatly appreciate having something to watch and enjoy on this evening, as we are all struggling with the sudden new normal. Thanks Dropkicks for doing what you’ve always done by making excellent music and caring about those in the greater public.

  15. Ed Monroe says:

    Rose Tattoo could’ve finished this show! But oh hell no wait there’s more. They absolutely killed it!!!! The fellas nailed it. Can you imagine putting out the energy they did for an empty house? The whole time with smiles on their faces and positive vibes.

  16. Tony Moran says:

    This was absolutely amazing. I have never missed St. Patrick’s day since I’ve been born. The restaurant I manage in North Carolina shut down so I scrambled to get everything ready to try and stay afloat for the owner. I got home just in time to see you. You reconciled and saved my holiday. You brought me back home when I saw you for the first time in Cleveland at the house of blues to my most recent time in North Carolina when it was so hot to where you had to finish beers rather quickly. I cannot wait to see you again one day. Whether it be another Bruce musicares, hearing you every Saturday for Notre Dame games, or listening to you to pick myself back up. Stay safe and continue to do amazing things!

  17. Acey Da Spaceman says:

    Love the DKM tons of respect for them doing this. They made no money off this, in fact they used their own money to put this on!! Tons of respect and LOVE!!! And great performance, Took them a few songs to really get going but overall major props!!! One of the classiest bands around. This was amazing. Made my Saint Patrick’s Day.

  18. Ghorindel says:


    THE IRISH ROVER – 13:16
    THE BOYS ARE BACK – 16:39
    PAYING MY WAY – 19:39
    DON’T TEAR US APART – 26:51
    BLOOD – 38:43
    THE BONNY – 50:26
    SMASH SHIT UP – 52:57
    GOING OUT IN STYLE – 57:50
    CRUEL – 1:01:50
    WORKER’S SONG – 1:06:27
    TIME TO GO – 1:11:09
    I FOUGHT THE LAW – 1:21:03
    FOREVER – 1:25:02
    ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN – 1:28:31
    BURN IT TO THE GROUND – 1:47:43
    ROSE TATTOO – 1:51:19
    UNTIL THE NEXT TIME – 1:56:26

  19. Paul Raftery says:

    This is making me cry, not sure why. I just love this band so much. In troubled times, the fact that you did this is proof, as if it were needed, of what awesome humans you guys are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all involved.

  20. SatansPooper says:

    I hope they stream next year’s St Patty’s Day show so that I can reunite with the 150k new friends i just made

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