Dropout’s 5th Anniversary (and What’s Coming Next)

Dropout’s 5th Anniversary (and What’s Coming Next)

Celebrating 5 years of being just like Netflix, except worse. And cheaper! Please join us on Dropout.tv to see what the *next* 5 years will bring: https://signup.dropout.tv

Welcome to the Dropout channel! Yes, we’re still here (and still making videos). You can support us by signing up for DROPOUT.tv, our subscription video platform that features a ton of exclusive content and series for only $6/month (that’s less than 17 cents a day). See tons of Um Actually, Game Changer, Dimension 20, Breaking News, Total Forgiveness, and more – all uncensored and with no ads! https://signup.dropout.tv

And if you just love watching stuff on Youtube, you can instead become a member of our channel today [ http://bit.ly/2kpp0oz ] for access to OUR ENTIRE DROPOUT LIBRARY RIGHT HERE!

In the meantime, leave us some nice comments on this video. It’s a good one, right?

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35 Responses

  1. Dropout says:

    If you came to this channel 20 years ago or in the past week, thanks for watching. The old videos are still there, but the path forward looks a little different (sorry Prank War fans). PS sign up for Dropout and get a bunch of good as heck shows and support an independent comedy streaming service. Still need convincing? Go watch 100 Game Changer Shorts, I bet you’ll be down to try the free trial at least.

  2. Kamin Miller says:

    It’s actually refreshing to see someone in leadership actually acknowledge the random dumb luck aspect of being successful.

    • RedditRecall says:

      Aka leeching of an established brand and says omg it was all chance… lol

    • JuniperArcher says:

      Imagine thinking that they “leached” off of something they all got fired from 🤡

    • RedditRecall says:

      @JuniperArcher hahahahahahah so proud of them for starting from grass roots, all on their own so inspiring not on an established platform with secured viewership from previous goodwill. Totally stands on its own feet hence the name change not a new platform. Bravo

    • Morgan Ritson says:

      ​@RedditRecallNo one is saying they did that.

      Who hurt you?

  3. Anthony Tran says:

    Managed to fit in future projects, company namechanger, position on worker’s rights and AI, acknowledgement of Lily’s outfits, and gratitude towards the fans and the staff, all in a single elegantly brief and fun announcement! Here’s to more Dropout 🥂

  4. The Awesome Alpaca says:

    My main thought during this video was: “Oh, it’s a CEO sketch, but good news!”

    Massive thanks to everyone from Dropout. Discovered y’all ~2 years ago and you’ve been my highlights ever since. Can’t wait for more!

    • Bolt Vanderhuge says:

      I always love the wacky names they come up with for the CEOs in these skits.
      “Sam Reich” LMAO what will they think of next?

  5. The1AndOnlyGoldenboy says:

    RIP CollegeHumor. You were a big part of my teens. Now, Dropout is a big part of my adult life… which is fitting since I also never finished college.

  6. Craig Jarvis says:

    Dropout deserves all of the praise it receives, and more. Ethical, inclusive, irreverent, topical, and timeless comedy. Plus cameos from all over the internet. Kudos to all of the cast and crew. For the rest of my life I will hear the honest question, “Where are you from,” out in the wild, and I will laugh inappropriately and pray someone responds “Cambridge, Massachusetts.” It gets funnier in callback every year.

    • romxxii says:

      I just wish there were more budget for shows like Gods of Food, or even just the old Hardly Working sketches. But I get those take a lot more time and money to produce, and as a rogue streaming service that has barely raised its prices compared to greedy hogs like Netflix and Amazon Prime, they might have neither time nor money to make those bigger shows.

  7. Amanda Arnold says:

    Dropout is the only subscription I’m ever truly happy to see come out of my bank account. I’m so glad to be able to support the great work of good people.

    • RenegadeTLA says:

      This is so damn true. I hate subscriptions but this is the wonderful exception that I don’t mind even a bit paying for

  8. Calambre says:

    i did find it weird it was still called College Humor, love the rebrand. Also love the acknowledgement that Lily’s outfits are the highlight of the platform. Congrats on 5 years!

  9. Big Deetz says:

    I was a little sad when college humor spiraled. Seeing dropout emerge and be this strong is fantastic. Great job to the whole team.

  10. Tom says:

    It’s a rare thing to feel so much nostalgia for something and then that thing gets even better as you get older.

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