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41 Responses

  1. Hamish Howard says:

    You’re my favorite YouTube channels together.

  2. Wyo Laskan says:

    I like to believe that you guys triple-handedly revived Rock-Paper-Scissors.
    My belief is likely inaccurate, but I refuse to believe otherwise

  3. Matt T. says:

    Derek in LA for his audition to play a very friendly Two Face?

  4. Gabe Plays says:

    10:05 oops forgot The batteries to the cameras retake

  5. Dante Delgadillo says:

    Herron lowkey looks better with a shaved beard

  6. Levi Roach says:

    Geez Derek! Nice job taking one for the team in the storm of bouncy balls? and GPS name was Doris? #commtest

  7. Zac Orten says:

    “I love the Australian language.”

    First, it’s English.
    Second, it’s just spicy English.

  8. Pup Rakan says:

    2:36 Omfg, hes a lot more attractive without the facial hair!!! And that smile!!! Jeebus ♡.♡

  9. Ojreader says:

    Please tell me you named your navigational voice Dora!!!

  10. Caden Fish says:

    Is no one going to mention those crazy reflexes while catching the hat

  11. Super Saiyan says:

    The GPS Navigator should be named ‘The Pirate’

  12. Will969 says:

    I want you guys to do a video with the slow-mo guys

  13. Gary Allen says:

    You guys need to do a tie breaker
    How Ridiculous-1
    Team Edge-1

  14. Phoebe McFadgen says:

    I think the GPS was called Karen because Karen’s are annoying and so are GPS’s

  15. Günümüz Oyun says:

    1.drop: 7:23 ||| 2.drop: 8:55 3.drop: 10:05 slow motion: 10:50 finsh

  16. Leelahk 101.3 says:

    Thanos: *rain fire*

    Squidward: *but sarge, our troops*

  17. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    When you only watch how ridiculous and team edge and they make a video together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Fancyflashdrive Roller coaster enthusiast says:

    Your mics make their voices seem so much deeper than in their vids

  19. Fani Sandilya says:

    First collab with demolition ranch matt and now with team Edge,looks like my prayers are paying off… ??????

  20. Shreya says:

    I WHEEZED at the slo mo at 5:30
    That poor guy is just standing there helpless and clueless and feeling betrayed by the balls ?

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