Drunk Man Runs Into Gas Station Door

Drunk Man Runs Into Gas Station Door

There’s a door there, somebody should move it.


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20 Responses

  1. Sai Gautam says:


  2. Milky Cowish says:

    To be honest, I’ld rather watch this than the Prince tributes on trending.

  3. wilbert rejon says:

    What a dumb fuck.

  4. norbsli says:

    I think a video is trending when the rate of views is high, the view count
    and date does not matter.

  5. FACTONER says:


  6. That Guy says:

    who else thought it was the car?

  7. Brandon Dean says:

    The idiot in this video and the fact that your username is Turd Ferguson
    makes this the best YouTube channel

  8. Lapis Lazuli says:

    if anyone here is waiting to see the season premiere of game of thrones,
    the high priest dies

  9. Kareem A says:

    A 3 year old video that has almost 3,000 views is not trending.

  10. Fish Chips says:

    Watdafq YouTube.

  11. David Gugin says:

    3 fucking years ago and it’s trending

  12. Witherguy 01 says:

    What hacks is this that this makes it into youtube trending after 3
    years??? And only 3k views???

  13. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    There’s something wrong with Youtube’s trending but my mind is clouded by
    the dark side…

  14. Vicious says:

    I’m sure he somehow made this trending just to show how fucking horribly
    broken beyond repair YouTube is and how easy it is to cheat the system. All
    trending video are fucking paid ads anyways such garbage.

  15. Maximus says:

    Can someone EXPLAIN how trending works, cause it’s obviously not views?!

  16. Pixel Chu says:

    It’s so old though.. Why trend now? :P

  17. Dylan Kloner says:

    Ladies and gentleman, the internet.

  18. shubham shukla says:

    Maybe he just wanted to use the toilet real bad…

  19. jason camarillo says:

    Youtube is officially run by idiots now

  20. How to sculpt says:

    Oh my goodness !