Drunk Racoon

Drunk Racoon

Raccoon Drunk

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20 Responses

  1. That Guy You Know says:

    After Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket couldn’t find anymore roles to play
    in Hollywood. Unfortunately, it was a downward spiral for the poor animal .
    . .

  2. DaKare2126 says:

    Amazing acting!!!! So well performed. Deserves an Oscar for the best
    “Acting like a drunk human in a YouTube video”


  3. turki qahtani says:

    These people are stupid. They should make the animal go away instead of
    laughing at it. So cruel 

    • Probably not says:

      +turki qahtani haha so these guys are just getting on with there day as
      usual and see a Raccoon who has gotten drunk completely on its own. Of
      course that is hilarious and they are allowed to laugh. It’s not like they
      forced it or tempted it to drink alcohol, the damage is already done so may
      as well get a chuckle out of it. Nothing cruel about it, raccoons are a
      pain in the ass and maybe a good hang over will make him think next time he
      starts being a nuisance.

  4. Fedora Cat says:


  5. CesarConH says:

    Maybe he got smacked by the boxes that the coon filming dropped. He’s
    probably dazed by the blow. Hit me wit a mean one man!

  6. the gaming beast says:

    So this is what rocket is doing between movies

  7. Cat Cage for worldleader year 2666 says:

    now what happens if he decides to drive home, huh? not so funny now is it?
    think about it….

  8. diperman123 says:

    racoon gos to fuck wife

  9. Raxis Taicho says:

    Jeez, I hope that raccoon wasn’t badly effected by the booze.

  10. Alf Ruiz says:

    He was probably dying and yall did nothin to help GO TO HELL

  11. jake jacoby says:

    As drunk as that Racoon is, it is nowhere near the drunkenness of the
    person filming.

    I mean, he filmed this video vertically..

  12. oneslyder says:

    Can someone please translate what that negro was saying?

  13. MrSonicAdvance says:

    Now that’s funny! :-D

  14. Mohammed Ashraf says:


  15. SgtMcPixel says:

    Loved the way he tried to make his escape and fell on his ass

  16. Smooth Player says:

    Since the racoon is all worked up, its time now to make my move!

  17. Jonathan Ortwein says:

    *every privilideigd white person ever*~ PUT IN LANDSCAPE SO I CAN CONVERT
    TO 4K!!!

  18. Painting pixel says:

    This is why rocket need groot.
    Stops him from getting shitfaced

  19. BlokeOzzie says:

    Drunk ‘coon. Did NOT see that coming. Nope.