Drunk UConn Student Apology Mac and Cheese

Drunk UConn Student Apology Mac and Cheese

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20 Responses

  1. enjoiorange says:

    I give him 2 months before he’s a sloppy arrogant drunk again

  2. shavedape777 says:

    There are two types of drinkers, dude, the ones who become assholes when
    they drink, and the ones who don’t. You’re the former. Probably good to
    remember that, moving forward, because you’ll be at an office party some
    day, or something similar, and you may want to abstain.

  3. Will Chase says:

    Pretty douche move (make that several douche moves..UMASS), but just stop
    drinking excessively if if makes you act like a fool (more than say
    “normal” fool behavior), and wind up in cuffs…otherwise, you will be
    fine, small “road bump” in life in you learn and move forward…!

  4. Lake City Shoes says:

    A lot of down votes, and a lot of nasty comments. Your apology seems
    sincere. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Everyone screws
    up from time to time, but rarely in this day and age do people care to
    apologize. Props to you for doing so. Keep your head up, keep fighting
    towards your goals and stay close to the Lord. Peace.

  5. Brian K says:

    Your a spoiled douche and your parents should cut you off.

  6. plk11 says:

    UConn! Huskies! UConn! Huskies! Huskies! UConn! Woof!

  7. LevKozlodoev says:

    That is a very fake sounding apology. It’s too amateur and it looks like
    it’s making matters worse.
    I don’t understand why Luke’s dad didn’t invest into a professional PR
    specialist to coach Luke on a craftier apology.

  8. msnthrowp says:

    Dude your apology only makes you appear disingenuous and cowardly. You need
    to apologize to those people in person. Man up and stop being a pussy.

  9. ZixacunX says:

    big sorry I went viral

  10. Walter White says:

    I need to try this mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeno. It sounds

  11. John M says:

    This apology sounds so fake lmao

  12. Ro? Ra?????? says:

    His opening statement should have been, “My name is Luke Gatti, and I am an
    alcoholic. I would like to apologize……”

  13. Alex Ignacio Gonzalez-Long says:

    you are full of crap…drunk ass punk

  14. Fighting Treehugger says:

    Talk is cheap and means nothing if you do nothing about it. You’ve been in
    trouble with alcohol before. Time to get serious about it. Sober up, hit
    some AA meetings or something. Worked for me.

  15. Kuroguma says:

    The real crime here was the socks with sandals.

  16. fla playa says:


  17. Duckpaw says:

    You’re nothing but a piece of shit bully. Hope you get what you deserve.
    Karma is a bitch

  18. Zombie Hunter says:

    What a cheesy apology

  19. TotallyL337 says:

    Hey, fuck you.

  20. M. Torres says:

    If you are really sorry then good, glad to hear you’re addressing problems
    and issues. Don’t worry to much shit tends to fade fairly fast.