Dual Cougar Attack in Northern Alberta

Dual Cougar Attack in Northern Alberta

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On September 22, 2015 – I was on a road 100 KM from Grande Prairie. Scary night!!! Going for a 10k run down a nice trail I found a couple weeks ago. Well, coming back I saw two cougars cross the path in front of me. Got out a bear banger, bear spray and most important my video camera. Wouldn’t you know it, as I walked by not seeing them, one came at me. Bear spray to his eyes, hollering like I’ve never done before and away went the cat and his brother (well his brother looked like he might come at me too so I shot a little at him for good measure). And yes, most importantly you can see it on video.

Super excited to see the cats as it was always a dream of mine to see one as most of my friends have heard me say lots before. Only fitting that it was like this. Super happy to have my bear spray as I don’t think the bear banger would have done anything from 8 feet and I would have had to resort to my knife. The things running has brought into my life!

On a side note. Please if you run in the woods like I do pack bear spray and have it ready. I packed it tonight but didn’t have the safety off until I saw them cross in front of me. Had I not seen them and they attacked as I went by I wouldn’t have had time to get the safety off. It was an eye opener and I’m grateful it didn’t turn out worse.

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Burse says:

    too bad the video is taken in portrait and not landscape. sad.

  2. henke103 says:

    that didn’t look like a cougar, it was probably a wild boar, fucking retard

  3. Derke73 says:

    Smart enough to not get eaten by a cougar. Too dumb to hold the camera

  4. RandomUser043 says:

    “Get outta here” Really? Was the animal supposed to understand?

  5. Brad Hougland says:

    35 years in the making, and he ruins it by recording vertically. :/

  6. alchemicrb says:

    “can’t believe I got that on camera” That’s because you didn’t

  7. chetan.m mariyappa says:

    what spray was that?

  8. Leon Kuvaiev says:


  9. LPGDICP says:

    Goin’ for a rip around the ol tootshack eh. Only Canadians could do this,

  10. Brian Burnett says:

    Anyone seeing cougars cross his path and then who chases them for a better
    look and vid is not using much common sense nor redpect gor the eildlife
    around him.If these cats had actually wanted to take him down they durely
    could without question. Rather than ascribing him with cat like reflexes
    and any commkn sense let it be known that he survives despite an amazing
    capacity for foolishness.

  11. T Rock says:

    I guess you found the kitty cats stalking you !

  12. Spencer Weilermann says:

    HMMMM… I see a cougar, lets go and find him!

  13. Aedar18 says:

    You deserve it for shooting the video vertical :D

  14. johnm188 says:

    This epidemic of vertical video taking has to stop.

  15. Laerei says:

    I was promised that I’d see “a man fend off two cougars”. I expected a
    spectacle of a man beating one cougar up using the other one as an
    improvised club but no such luck…

  16. kaimelis says:

    no you didnt get that on camera…

  17. Icky Spliff says:

    Why WHY WHY WY WHY record a video in portrait mode???????!?!?!?!??!
    The only time you should record in portrait is if you are laying on the
    floor dying, so it actually captures in landscape mode.

  18. VVarrio says:

    i honestly thought I was going to see 2 women in their 50s pop up

  19. Juan de Fuca U says:

    amazing how much both of those cougars looked exactly like bigfoot huh.

  20. Anthony Butler says:

    If they’re anything like their pixelated counterparts in Red Dead