DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Reveal Trailer | PS5

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Reveal Trailer | PS5

Perfect Your Gameplay™

Get an edge in gameplay by creating your own custom controls to fit your playstyle. Built with high performance and personalization in mind, the DualSense Edge™ wireless controller invites you to craft your own unique gaming experience so you can play your way.

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27 Responses

  1. Markus says:

    The ability to swap out stick modules is really something special. That means when your sticks start drifting to the point where its unplayeable, you can just replace the whole module and have it working as new!

    • demo says:

      lol sick! instead of a company fixing their controller issues, we can just pay them again to buy new sticks! thank you Sony, so based of you. really something special.

    • Ashyy says:

      @Pat Lund Consoles prior the PS3 era didn’t have this problem since they used hall effect sensors, so you’re incorrect.

    • Your FBI Agent says:

      Heads up, a ten dollar bottle of deoxit can fix most stick drift issues.

    • ivoivo001 says:

      The Astro C40 TR had it, and it is indeed nice.

    • Kaze Hachijuuhachi says:

      open the controller, spray some contact cleaner, wiggle the stick around and it will fix it most of the time. Assuming that the controller has not been abused a lot. It might save you 60 bucks. To me its amazing that stick drift seems more common than ever before, someone dealing stick components to these manufactures changed out something for sure.

  2. Tanya Leyonne says:

    I hope they used hall sensors for the analog sticks because I think that would really help mitigate the mechanical problems that are involved with drifting.

  3. hackprefect says:

    Stick replacement is a fantastic idea. I just really hope they don’t make them too expensive, since at a certain price point, replacing the whole controller becomes more viable.

    • Loogi Balloogi says:

      @Roberto Not really… Microsoft made the Xbox Elite Controller & Elite Series 2 in collaboration with SCUF Gaming. It’s quite literally a SCUF controller just sold by Microsoft themselves.

    • Matt Kidd says:

      @demonhacker Yeah they are. I have a couple of Elite Series 2s and a Scuff pro. I bought 4 Elite series 2 and immediately returned them because of out of the box stick drift. The two units iv had since have been ok since launch though, and only a bumper went mushy on one (fixed now). I have had similar issues with every xbox, ps and third party controller since the days of the xbox 360 though to be fair. We all know the stick drift problem is just planned obsolescence. I didn’t actually realise you could change the entire module on the Dualsense Edge, so that is a bit of a game-changer actually…. I would happily pay a little more over the Elite Series 2 for that feature alone

    • Player99 says:

      Buy one and get it insured that way you wont have to pay for a replacement if you ever need one.

    • Matt Kidd says:

      @Mark I don’t know how many units they will sell at over £200 (the cost of a scuff pro PS5/PC controller). The console market is fairly budget oriented, so paying something like £250-£300 for a controller (which will likely last for a year of heavy use) will probably put even competitive players off if they are already happy with a SCUFF (or Elite Series 2 on PC). However, if they offer easy replacements for button switches and other internal hardware, I’d happily pay a little more.

    • demonhacker says:

      @Matt Kidd the elite and scuf controllers allow you to replace the tops of the sticks not the entire module. The sticks drifting and just not working are actually big issues with the elite and scuf controllers

  4. Saad Anwar says:

    Finally they made one themselves. Wanted something like this for some time now

    • Roger4991 says:

      I don’t know why they didn’t put paddles on the original controllers right away. More available options is always better. The custom settings for the sticks and triggers is great and all, but I would mainly would want the extra buttons. I also accidentally keep pressing the sticks during hectic moments, thus unwillingly activating crouch or dismount etc. I would rather unbind those indefinitely.

  5. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Hope there’s the option to have 4 paddles on the back, I’d probably replace my current controller with this if that’s the case.

  6. D Core says:

    I hope there will be different sticks profiles (low, medium, high), that’d make it more flexible for different type of games/gamers, and completely avoid the need to buy additional thumb sticks

  7. Franckinov IV says:

    Oh Thank You very much. You perfecty designed the symmetrical stick and you are so right to keep your design for the best interaction with a game for the player. And adding better quality product is what we waited. DualSens + symmetrical stick + quality premium = best controller.

  8. Phoenix Kappashiro says:

    If you guys really want to compete with Xbox Controller at least give Windows support so that PC players also have a chance to buy your controller like plug-in and play. Then DualSense will be my pure controller choice. I don’t want to deal with 3rd party programs to plug my Sony controller on PC sadly.

  9. Big Boss Games says:

    Wow, this is awesome, especially the fact you can change the stick completely. With stick drift, you don’t have to buy a complete new controller, very nice Sony!!!

  10. ï ï says:

    Looks interesting but I’m still skeptical about how they are going to actually bring this to market.
    Need to see more and what kind of accessories you can utilize with it.


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