Duck Stamps: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Duck Stamps: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver dives into the tense and competitive world of duck stamps.

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46 Responses

  1. johnniewalker23 says:

    What an amazing midweek surprise! The Duck Hunt is fucking incredible

  2. Erik R says:

    The duck hunting the hunter who’s hunting the duck painting is fantastic.

    • Jeremy JJ says:

      It could be the cover of a video game where one duck undergoes a mutation from drinking chemically polluted water, thus becoming conscious and setting out to take revenge on every human hunter he comes across.

    • Sgt. Kitten of the Kibbles & Kitts says:

      The hunter was hunting the duck painting?

      Edit: 69 replies nice

    • Juan Ortiz says:


    • Mark G. says:

      That’s by Josie Morway, who does fantastic oil paintings of birds. It’s worth checking out her other “serious” stuff as well.

    • J LA says:

      I come from a family of hunters, and they loved it too! LOL They also completely support the EPA. After all, you can’t hunt if there’s nothing left to hunt or if it’s endangered.

  3. Compa Coffee Roasters says:

    I do love ducks, I didn’t realize how much I loved duck art though. The duck hunting the hunter- that was ducking awesome.

  4. Kaleb Chesnic says:

    Four hours later and the “Duck Hunt” painting is already up to $20,000

  5. Jamirimaj says:

    that duck hunting a hunter is a legit masterpiece

  6. Curtis Schmitt says:

    FYI there’s more than a day left and the bidding has already raised more than $70k for wetland conservation

    • Andy Zhang says:

      @why do people use sentences instead of nicknames? that is absolutely true, but you can’t deny the incremental change this brings. Aside from the actual money, the attention the stamps get through LWT is fairly substantial. Even if its unlikely, the discourse on conservation this brings is still beneficial.

    • Dorian Dundee says:

      @Shuizid Every little bit helps and something is more than nothing 🙂

    • why do people use sentences instead of nicknames? says:

      @Kosmanen “duck stamps” are mandatory taxes, essentially, so that’s why they work. You HAVE to buy duck stamps if you want to hunt or go to national reserves, it’s not optional. But obviously, this is (almost) the worst kind of tax because for a billionaire a duck stamp is insignificant but for poor person it’s expensive. Duck stamp cost should instead be proportional to the wealth and income of the individual, just like all other taxes

    • Crusty_ Otter says:

      @why do people use sentences instead of nicknames?
      That’s actually an entirely different “stamp” that’s required for hunters. The reason for it are not even touched on in this segment:
      Here in TN, first you have to buy a basic “Fishing and Small Game” Hunting License. This covers most fish and hunting things like squirrels, rabbits, etc.
      If you want to fish for trout, that requires an additional “Trout Stamp,” the last one I bought (around 2000) was $12. Deer hunters are required to buy an additional “Deer Stamp” which must be physically attached to the deer before dragging it out of the woods (usually tied/taped to an antler before loading it in a vehicle). All of the various licenses and stamps look similar with different number codes, they are NOT adhesive stamps sold by the USPS. While buying USPS Duck Stamps does contribute to Conservation, the Fishing/Hunting licenses and various species stamps contribute much, much more to wildlife and habitat conservation.

    • Vasco Apolonio says:

      Ya… People are feed up with hunters, gunners and other dinosaurs… Kkkkkkkk

  7. lalalalalahahahahaha says:

    One of the first Last Week tonight shows that didn’t make me sad by exposing how shitty the world is.

    Well done

  8. Pedro Vanderlei says:

    the ducks judging the duck stamp contest is honestly classy as fuck

  9. Sean Shepherd says:

    The Redhead Hunting the Hunter has a look in its eyes that says: “I’m going to kill this man. I’m going to enjoy it. And whether or not you’ll ever admit it yourself, you will, too.”

    • Renee Brutvan says:

      Hmmm. I think that look suggests, “I’m going to kill this man. I’m going to enjoy it. But only after he kills Mallard, my ex BF, whom I caught corkscrewing that tramp the redhead.”

    • Abdullah s says:

      The duck looks just like the horse in “you’re the first girl i brought here” meme

  10. Stefanos Lappas says:

    “I think I’ll check out the bidding”
    *Sees the prices*
    “Well I sure did check it out”

    • Sgt. Kitten of the Kibbles & Kitts says:

      Just print the image out as a poster. 🤫

    • M Lopez says:

      @Loren Z the proceeds of the auction are going to the conservation, as one lump sum.

    • Jeremy Hassen says:

      Here’s hoping they decide to offer prints for a more affordable price. Imagine how much more they could raise.

    • Syqadelic says:

      $15,000, but look, free shipping!

    • DukeSkylocker says:

      @Konraden They really should do that. When you consider how many bids must have taken place to raise the prices so much I’m sure they could sell tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of copies of these paintings as unofficial duck stamps or heck even just postage stamps, which could raise even more money than just 5 rich people spending tens of thousands each.

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