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  1. Dude Perfect says:


  2. Ca'marr Jase says:

    Cody warmed Luka up for his 60-20-10 game!

  3. mavi says:

    the only time we’ll ever see luka genuinely smile after being called a foul

  4. MrKijana23 says:

    Props to Ty, you conducted that interview like a pro, even when Luka was clearly legitimately terrified of the snakes😂

  5. Jacob Taylor says:

    Actually so cool, especially the fact that they got him for a whole episode during the season. That was doooooope 🏀

  6. Cole Hershberger says:

    Luka is a quiet and super chill guy he hardly said a sentence. He hasn’t let the fame get to him. Respect.

  7. EBMarsh2 _ says:

    The fact that he actually wore the hat to the Christmas game is awesome

  8. Caleb Boles says:

    The amount of disbelief on Garretts face when he saw Luka made that shot first try

  9. Tony Santa says:

    I kept dying every time that they wouldn’t let Luka do anything that may hurt him.

  10. Jake Hillen says:

    I’m convinced that Cody trained Luka for the 60-21-10 game 😂

    • Manu Prasad says:

      Cody can hold his head high and know that he had about as much chance of stopping him as anybody on the Knicks that night

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