Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.

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90 Responses

  1. Emmy Jean says:

    At least he has a hygene routine..usually in these episodes you can smell the person through the tv screen.

  2. dandygirl6 says:

    It’s not ‘just whatever’ you have no respect for your dad and after your mum has kicked you out you should be thankful every moment that you have a parent willing to help you so much, even if it’s hurting you in the long run. People need to understand that being so morbidly obese seriously alters your hormones, you are basically stuck in a despondent depression so how can you possibly motivate yourself to loose weight? This is not a cute hole to get yourself in.

  3. Gamers only says:

    Never ever used dish soap to wash yourself, get body wash.

    • Mina Daniels says:

      +JustMixedIn Or we can just stop criticising him for using dish soap and just appreciate the fact that he keeps himself clean? And, i’m pretty sure lots of people use to use dish soap to bathe when they were younger too.

    • Mina Daniels says:

      +Elijah Knox Exactly.

    • E. M says:

      +Kailey Briscoe This man is suffering from obesity and these schmucks are criticising him for bathing in dish soap. So what if he used dish soap? that’s the least of his worries. Besides ANY type of soap still makes your skin dry and crabby. Priorities man.

    • LadyDayDream says:

      Gamers only lmao does it matter what kind of soap he uses?? At least he uses soap. ?

    • Caitlin Lebo says:

      You can get body wash for a dollar or two

  4. Ian Groves says:

    Honey the neighbors pig is taking a bath in the oversized tuna can again And this time he cant get out

    • Dylan da Speedsofter says:

      I laughed way too hard ???

    • Kitty Chan says:

      That’s is so rude you don’t know how the guy feels

    • Clarkem says:

      How dare you use his weight to make a joke. This is seriously…

      *funny af* good one

    • gldnsabre says:

      +Ms.Trish S HE needs to help himself first, second parents need to stop enabling. He will never get anywhere if HE does not take the steps. I was there once almost 600lbs, I went out and got Gastric Bypass(BTW which is not an easy fix or cheap.), I still had and have too work at it everyday, I have lost 315lbs since 2013 you know how, because I did it and everyone around me stopped enabling me and I stopped making excuses for myself.

    • Big Chungus says:

      That’s funny but also kinda mean

  5. mia nicole says:

    if he spent 9 hrs stuck in a shower because of his fat, that should’ve been a wake up call

  6. Chi Chi says:

    I wonder how long it takes to fill that thing with just that little pot.

  7. ughNatalia says:

    I usually try to feel sympathy for these people but the fact that he’s so nonchalant about putting his dad through that and has no intention on changing pisses me off

  8. Phantom Gamer356 says:

    “Because im a bigger guy” a bit off that mate

  9. 3xoticx says:

    Dishwashing liquid? Why…

    • Christopher Portillo says:

      +3xoticx maybe its a grease cleaning soap

    • Mina Daniels says:

      3xoticx Cheap body wash and soap bars aren’t any better either imho. They still dry out your skin. I say he needs those big bottles of Dove. Dove is actually gentle on the skin. But, can become expensive overtime.

    • Some Random Youtube Commenter says:

      +3xoticx Yes, but, cheap soaps like that can STILL dry up your skin. Schools in my city use cheap soaps all the time in their bathrooms. And, they use to dry up my hands leaving them crabby and uncomfortable. I had to borrow lotion from my teacher multiple times.

    • Alex mtz says:

      To remove all the grease

    • Hur Nur says:

      Da fug is dishwashing liquid, iz dish soap my guy

  10. Fritzi Lang says:

    bruh just added dishwashing liquid like it was bubble bath ??

  11. Nodded Junky says:

    If he slips he gon be on his back and can’t sit up and drown

  12. Anthony Peart says:

    I am crying …..because I know how he feels ???. Papa stop enabling him!!!!!

  13. Vlad Tepes says:

    It’s amazing that he can still walk around at 700 pounds.

  14. starry nite says:

    Love you Casey but you gotta lose the weight homie you can do it

  15. Joelle Lejano says:

    At least he’s not bedridden. He can actually walk

  16. Im just weird deal wit it says:

    So he’s washing with soap I use to wash dishes I-

  17. StartedWithAReport says:

    Can see the sadness in his dad’s eyes he is so upset and disappointed and yet loves his son despite it. BUT, he is enabling a severe medical condition/mental illness into killing his son. He needs to put his foot down and say no more trough or no more roof over his head if this guy doesn’t start dieting and exercising. NO medical condition makes you this big, this is grazing constantly and absolutely no exercise or hobbies. If the son really isn’t able to say he is at an extremely serious risk and needs urgent care and a strict regime then his dad needs to do it for him and if he won’t change just cut him off until he does. Nothing like a bit of cold pavement and no takeaway to make someone change.

  18. Vida Sarpong says:

    Oh hell noooo! His dad wipes his asssss????

  19. Muhiszz says:

    How did I end up from football videos to this video…

  20. MrMessHD MrMessHD says:

    If he can walk than he can lose that weight

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