Duke vs. Michigan State: Spartans advance to 2019 Final Four

Duke vs. Michigan State: Spartans advance to 2019 Final Four

Watch all the highlights from Michigan State’s thrilling 68-67 win over Duke in the Elite 8.

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70 Responses

  1. Goat Man says:

    What an incredibly entertaining game. Came to watch Zion, left a fan of many other players and two great teams.

    • Baker baker colin I am your father says:

      I’m an osu fan so I was rooting for the conference but Zion is entertaining to watch

    • trooper258 says:

      Yep. Same here. Not a college fan or sports but just wanted to watch once in a lifetime talent Zion play. Left amazed at so many other good players.

  2. Jose Gonzalez says:

    You could tell Michigan State wanted it more they deserved overall

    • Lebrick James says:

      Captain Starner I don’t thinks so cause unc whole team never beat duke whole team

    • P Smith says:

      +Matt Pawlowski and that is exactly what is cancer to NCAA basketball. One and dones all flocking to the same crooked programs. Shoes , jerseys and ticket sales more important than having integrity and tenure, collegiate experience. You saw how sad the Duke players were it was over. Best time of their lives dashed because of big money.

    • Lebrick James says:

      magnus zuleta with out dukes best player

    • Lebrick James says:

      Jon Hendrickson then y can’t they beat Zion or make it passed the sweet 16

    • Lebrick James says:

      Alex Nowicki they won’t healthy 1 of dukes best players won’t 100%

  3. the man says:

    You could tell all three announcers had Duke as the champion in their bracket. Congrats Michigan State

  4. Arden Baker says:

    I can’t be the only one that saw DeLaurier get dunked on three times in this game. Once by McQuaid, once by Henry, and once by Tillman. Lol. This was an amazing game.

  5. Maurice Johnson says:


    Nun personal Zion I just knew too many duke fans that needed to be humbled

    • Jeffrey Beshears says:


    • Ayesp says:

      Duke fans.. they all like a different college in every sport

    • Scott Mckenzie says:

      Duke reloads and will continue to be on tv every week. The Alabama of college hoops.

    • GPf 5004 says:

      Definitely agree. As a Villanova fan, I just don’t understand the narratives we are fed by the media. Villanova wins every single game last year essentially facing a chalk bracket by 12 points or more and everyone just says “well they play a great team game, don’t have the athletes”. 4 kids drafted in the top 33 that draft. This year you wouldve though Duke already won the title before a game was played all year, and this happens with Duke or Kentucky almost every year. It even continues after round of 32 game they should’ve lost, and a sweet 16 game where the same was true. Not knocking winning close games in the tourney, it’s just all about advancing….but the way they are always portrayed is as unbeatable. Duke was easily the most talented team, but in the end it came down to a freshman shooting free throws. I feel for Barrett, but I have a feeling he’ll end up waking up in a week or so with a warm feeling realizing he’s gonna be set up nicely in a few months.

  6. TL R says:

    Makes UNC losing less painful. Thank You MSU

  7. Brody Wolverine says:

    I’m a die hard wolverines fan but I’m rooting for state to win it all!! I respect a good team when I see one

    • Brody Wolverine says:

      Austin S not me man lol. U guys whooped us 3 times already lol

    • SnowGawd says:

      +Austin S Im a NBA superfan, this is my first time watching March madness, MI state will take it all this year brother!

    • Kavi Kurup says:

      Go BIG 10! I’ve been rooting for MSU ever since Wisconsin got elim.

    • Nathan Hartges says:

      I have a lot of friends at U of M so believe me when I say I’d be rooting for Michigan if you guys were still in it and we weren’t. ????

  8. ullcringe says:

    It’s hilarious. My friends said Michigan State was at a disadvantage in their seeding, because they were in Duke’s reigon. It was actually Duke that was at a disadvantage because they were in Michigan State’s reigon.

  9. Kenneth Petovic says:


  10. Breyden Ruo says:

    I never knew about Cassius Winston until I saw this game but man, he’ll be one of the greats in the NBA. Watch.

  11. King Toa says:

    Basically ESPN said that a team with basically only 4 people doing all the work can beat the 18-19 cavaliers RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT… They can beat professionals but cant even win the Tournament if you put the worst NBA team in this tournament they would win it easily

    • booty gang says:

      +Spartan_ Nick in all honesty I never got why Zion was and is so praised I think he is good and one of the better prospects to come out of college in the last couple of years but why are people selling him as the next face of the league. Zion is solid and I think his biggest positive is that he can defend which many college players can’t but offensively why are people acting like he can bully people in the nba the same way the one game he faced a decent rim protector Zion struggled what makes anyone think he can dominate in the paint in the NBA with many good rim protector and he can’t shoot so you would draft him to rely off of what exactly. Zion has a ton of potential but to go number one over a couple of players who are probably a bit more polished seems a little insane

    • BoJaN87M says:

      nba team? If u put any euroleague team they will win this easily! Euroleague teams rosters are made of best european players, americans former nba players, and great college player that didnt make it in NBA! Trust me, any euroleague team can beat ncaa div 1 champion at least 8 out of 10 times. Euroleague winner can play vs some NBA teams, but not all obviosly..

  12. I love Dtown says:

    MSU played fearless. Their Big Men played strong all night. Winston stayed in attack mode. RJ from duked choked under pressure, and should have passed at some moments. Zion did well but had Big Men to fight with on MSU.

  13. Edison Pellumbi says:

    Cassius Winston is now a UNC fan’s favorite player in the country

  14. Olin57 says:

    Duke had a good season so congrats to them but man such a great win for Michigan State they clearly deserved it and wanted it more tonight

  15. clinton jackson says:

    ESPN is punching the air right now…

  16. Chaise Samargis says:

    Yea cuz most players would of just dunked it or lay it in instead of running the clock out great iq play by Cassius

  17. lemar haywood says:

    Winston showed why IQ beats athleticism.. that boy tuff??

  18. Gabriel Kissell says:

    I know this has nothing to do with anything but rip Nipsey Hustle

  19. Big Chungus says:

    (Celebration by Kool and the Gang starts playing)

  20. Amol Khugshal says:

    BREAKING: ESPN shuts down as reporters say they don’t have enough content after Bron and Zion are out.

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