Duke vs. Texas Tech – Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Duke vs. Texas Tech – Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Duke outlasts Texas Tech in the final minutes 78-73 to advance to the Elite 8 in the 2022 NCAA tournament. The Blue Devils tallied all five starters in double-figures led by Paolo Branchero with 22 points and 4 rebounds. Watch the extended highlights here.

Watch the Condensed Game from Duke Blue Devils vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders, 03/24/2022
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43 Responses

  1. Devin Willard says:

    I’m not a Duke fan, but I’m also not a Duke hater. It’d be cool to see coach K win one his last year coaching. Since Michigan is out now I’m rooting for coach K and Duke!!

  2. Sports311 says:

    Jeremy Roach came out in that 2nd half and was absolutely clutch. This Duke team showed strong, collective grit and determination to make sure that Coach K wins this game and face off against another tough team in Arkansas on Saturday

  3. William Freeman says:

    I was Roach’s biggest critic since last year and most of this season. I will never slander that man’s name again

  4. R in NYC says:

    I thought the Michigan State win was fiyah but this win was epic! Great job Duke!

  5. kendall hurley says:

    Outside of watching a QB put a team on their backs, there is nothing more special than watching a Point Guard come into their own during March Madness.

    Great game JR

    • adrift says:

      @Courtney Sutherlin wouldn’t the same problem be transferred to whoever was running the play tho? No OL=no protection for anyone after the snap. You implying a difference in physicality between positions or something? Bc some QBs can certainly make a good run of it and brush off the d

    • Courtney Sutherlin says:

      @adrift run the wildcat. Every QB would be complete trash with a terrible offensive line and medicore wide receivers and tight ends. The QB needs time and wide receivers have to get open

    • adrift says:

      @Courtney Sutherlin how you getting the ball in the end zone w no qb tho? 🤔

    • brady chick says:

      Roach has finally become a floor General!😁

    • Courtney Sutherlin says:

      A QB can never put a team on his back, he needs blocking and wide receivers to get open. A basketball player can have a bigger impact on the game and QBs don’t play defense

  6. Ariq Noor says:

    Banchero has been impressive this entire tournament. He’s a solid and willing passer and he has a vast offensive arsenal. I just wish he was a lot more confident with his shot. He seemed to hesitate on good looks far too many times.

    • Big Bad Lobo says:

      The league are avoiding the Ben Simmons types. I don’t think he’ll go that route, just that teams are definitely taking notes.

    • Weneed him says:

      thats why you should draft 20-21 year old guys sometimes, because they become the next dynasty guys

    • Devin Schirado says:

      I’m a die hard Duke fan, I’ve been trying to tell people this kids size and athletic ability he should be able to take over every single game in college basketball. He makes outstanding plays at times but hesitates at the biggest moments. Don’t know if its his age or his basketball IQ just isn’t complete yet. I had to shut off the Michigan St. game because I was getting so upset at his pass ups.

    • Jake Snow1 says:

      @George Thompson terrible #1 pick.

    • George Thompson says:

      He is Already A PRO!!! Has to be taken @1

  7. kendall hurley says:

    I’ll never understand why Paolo isn’t considered as complete as Chet and Jabari. Sure his man defense still needs to improve but he’s still only 18 years old and he’s as NBA-ready as they come.

  8. Jarsea Burphy says:


  9. BWillTheAddict says:

    Banchero is a Baller 💯 the man can hoop

  10. Yun Xia says:

    So happy that I was able to see this game live inside Chase Center. That second half was insane and so well-played. Neither team deserved to lose.

    • brady chick says:

      Duke earned it! Go Duke😁

    • Donald Cassidy says:

      BS…TT MISSED their FT. Duke made their FT. TT choked and must ENJOY their season because it is over. Nova looks good, very evenly matched tournament. Best time of year for sports!!! ENJOY God bless America and stay healthy as possible DC

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