Duke vs. Virginia Tech: Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Duke vs. Virginia Tech: Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Watch the Condensed Game from Duke Blue Devils vs. Virginia Tech Hokies in the Sweet 16, another thrilling game with a great, exciting finish.

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85 Responses

  1. Ferra Torr says:

    As a VT fan can’t even be mad, it was an amazing season and a heck of a game, props to Duke and the unbeatable monster that is Zion and best of luck in the Elite Eight.

    • The Finnisher says:

      The Finest Mind there is a difference between acceptance and reasonableness.

    • TH3GPS says:

      Alex Manoogian
      It was a jump ball because Zion initially had his hand on 100% ball. Then the VT player started squirming around, trying to sell a foul. And I don’t want to hear any whining about the refs when they did everything to keep you in the game. Your guy clearly stepped out of bounds, but they didn’t call it because they wanted an entertaining ending.

    • Carson Hagler says:

      +Alex Manoogian fr tho!!! Refs love duke man

  2. Ken Singh says:

    These games are way closer than my heart allows

    • Tee Glock says:

      It just proves without Zion Duke would have been got bounced

    • Bodiddy 1 says:

      +Zane What? All espn has been talking about recently is how beatable they are

    • Rick Keeton says:

      iFloNastyy Plus Blackshear stepped out of bounds chasing the ball down in the corner, with two referees standing there . It should have never came down to that last play!

  3. kerpal3 says:

    props to V. Tech. They played their heart out.

  4. Cameron Stacy says:

    Officially convinced this duke team is a team of destiny.

  5. R in NYC says:

    They trashed Tre Jones so bad after the last game. He showed up and shut his haters down.

  6. Nasty Palms says:

    9:15 we learn this in science class when a driving force meets an unmovable object

  7. D Cam's Sunsets says:

    Last two games Duke has won by the opposite team with the last possession missing a shot up close, amazing how a game comes down to one shot

  8. Tristen Orcullo says:

    Imagine airballing twice the game winning shot

  9. lua lomu says:

    Bruh crossed Zion and still got blocked. Lol

  10. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Tre jones came up big in this one!

  11. Durham says:

    Zion and RJ doing business as usual. Tre finally broke through offensively and was brilliant running the offense. He looked a lot more like Tyus on the offensive end tonight. Hopefully Cam can play on Sunday.

    • lI Fame Il says:

      +Jae Wall knee

    • Bruce Leroy says:

      Cam is a non factor

    • mike collins says:

      +Bruce Leroy – his replacement Alex O’Connell was a non-factor with 4 pts on 2 layups and went 0-4 from behind the arc… at least Cam plays much better defense and would’ve likely helped more than Alex.

    • Jordan McClom says:

      Y’all forget cam hits big threes in situations when duke is down with out cam they don’t beat Louisville and they don’t beat UCf he hit that three to move to a 1 point game with out him they don’t win

  12. SLIMER ** says:

    UCF: “We’ll Upset Duke”

    VA Tech: “We’ll Take Out Duke!”

    Rim: “Nah”


  13. Roy Benedict says:

    Bruh that Robinson kid is an amazing passer.

  14. Derek Wong says:

    Mannn, next game they gotta have Duke start out by scoring on the left basket then the right one for the second half… cause it feels like that right basket is fuggin cursed towards the end LOL

  15. Jeremiah Hutson says:

    Rdcworld1 moved the rim again?

  16. Shemaiah Keyes says:

    The boi Zion got crossed and still had the recovery speed and hops for the chase down??????? NY we need him.
    All time Great college Legend… The Myth of Zion goes on…

  17. SweetVibez says:

    Duke your killing me with these close games man!My Reaction During The Game.. ?????????Yaaahhhh!!!??Geat Job Duke!!!

  18. kira c says:

    If Cam played. it wouldn’t be such a close game.

  19. Jay 2Cool says:

    Imagine jumping high as u can to grab a rebound and all u do is get high enough to touch the guy elbow as he dunk a put back over u.???

  20. Erolino Javier says:

    That hill boy got so cocky shooting 3’s, when he can’t even make a tip in basket ?? #mustbethosepigtails

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