Dumb Rubik’s Cube Tiktok Trend 🤦‍♂️”Dice and Cube 🎲 🧩 “

Dumb Rubik’s Cube Tiktok Trend 🤦‍♂️”Dice and Cube 🎲 🧩 “

#RubiksCube #cubing #Dice #speedcubeshop

This is a Rubik’s cube tiktok trend. This is where you roll a dice and do the number the dice selected on a big cube

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20 Responses

  1. -NIKKI EDITS- says:

    This is really good 👍

    • Pablo Raposo says:

      nssjbqkdaNnsnThuhheuzBsqisvajb em


  2. Nicole Sehnert says:

    Can you do Levi he’s my favorite anime character from my favorite show

  3. Polnareff Jan pierre says:

    Introducing the 4 rubix cube. Every miata hates this

  4. Orange says:

    Now that’s what i call a “gamer moment”

  5. Ananya Singh says:

    That’s not dumb, it’s genius.

  6. not_sy2 says:

    he did this like he’s done this before 👏

  7. &tom tords not bestfriend& says:

    What if he actually made it four dots?


  8. Alex W says:

    I was confused at what they were gonna do, but then impressed! Like daaamn.

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