Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Done! (Dear Ryan)

Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Done! (Dear Ryan)

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20 Responses

  1. Shad Gaming says:

    Dear Ryan, how do you come up with the name ‘nigahiga’???

  2. AWSMcube says:

    Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of Victoria’s Secret and call it Regina’s Secret?

    As in the character from Skitzo?

  3. Half The Heart says:

    *Who else can actually relate to the dumb things Ryan did?* xD

  4. Sleepy Suga says:

    “You wanna sing along you just don’t know the words they’re singing”

    Me with BTS

  5. William Guan says:

    Do an I Dare You with Logan Paul.

  6. Ricardo De Blank says:

    Dear Ryan
    Your puns are so amaze that I can’t get through

  7. ShinyRaichu says:

    Dear Ryan can you make a parody of its everyday bro

  8. Ponchito Perez says:


  9. Subir Sharma says:

    Dear Rayan can you transform like an Autobot ?

  10. Michelle Le says:

    Dear Ryan explain a period only using 15 words

  11. Thu Han Nguyen says:

    Dear Ryan, try to put on makeup and make a pun using each product you use

  12. Jason Thorpe says:

    dear ryan, punch a water melon and then cut it with a knife

  13. marie thanh says:

    Dear Ryan give 1,000 dollars to a homeless man or women

  14. OneTrueV says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do a disney song challenge?

  15. Michael price says:

    Dear Ryan bring back the “how to be” vids

  16. Lil_TK1 says:

    Dear Ryan, can you make dubstep out of everyday sounds

  17. Christian Jerod Bombay says:

    Dear Ryan tell us a story with marley as the main cast

  18. Almir Beslija says:

    isnt this bitch like 30 now?

  19. AwsomeRoboRexGaming 215 says:

    Dear Ryan do food tricks shots

  20. MistahKaE says:

    I feel like if nigahiga made a diss he would spit BARS

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