Dungeon Master… Chef? – 10 Minute Power Hour (ft. Matt Mercer)

Dungeon Master… Chef? – 10 Minute Power Hour (ft. Matt Mercer)

We’re embarking on a new quest… to make something edible.

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water slide, Hammock, and pool water from Stevia Sphere ► http://www.steviasphere.bandcamp.com
Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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47 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    Of all the cookies i’ve ever seen, these ones were definitely probably edible

  2. Ian Byrne says:

    This feels like Matt is the cool cousin that Arin and Dan don’t get to see that often and they’re super excited to do dumb shit with him

  3. Hailey -Senpai says:

    I love how sad they look when they roll a little dice instead of the big d20, once you have a taste of the power you can’t get enough

  4. Claire Naughton says:

    “No matter the outcome, I am extremely disappointed in both of you”
    Matt Mercer is the light of my life

  5. winnie says:

    Dan suspiciously getting items that looked like they are related to Judaism made me laugh much harder than it should have

  6. The GentlemanPirate says:

    Arin and Dan are just alternate universe versions of Matt Mercer and Weird Al.

    • Glitchy McGlitchface says:

      agreed 100% we should have an april fools where its just 10 minutes of matt mercer and weird al playing a game…but they act like everything is totally normal and do not refer to each other by name

    • ccggenius12 says:

      God I hope that’s what they do for April 1 next year. Just give Arin and Dan the day off and have Al and Matt play something.

    • The Mad Historian says:

      Maybe the Chaotic Neutral versions of Matt Mercer and Weird Al

    • SCREAM says:

      I love this comment I must say: y e s

  7. SpaceSquid95 Force says:

    Matt is like if Dan and Arin did the fusion dance.

  8. Jake Jordan says:

    The three of them at the table looks like a game slider, with Arin and Dan being the extremes with Matt as the average guy right between the two extremes

  9. Andrew Pappas says:

    Can we just make Matt an honourary Grump, like he’s fucking perfect with the guys

    • Ryan Sadauskis says:

      Yeah, there are a lot of people they involve on the Power Hour that feel super forced, but he fits right in.

    • Diego says:

      I love his chill energy

    • Adam says:

      after the episode where it was just matt and dan, i think he’s more than just an honorary grump he’s an official grump and a substitute arin

    • Ivan says:

      Zero offense to the other guests but I feel like he’s the guest who has meshed the best with them. Even moreso than Jacob whose episodes are always a delight

    • Tazer Lag says:

      Yeah, it’s like nothing changed. It seemed like a normal grump power hour.

  10. HyrannoCraft says:

    I personally want to see matt dm at least a one shot for Arin and dan, to see just what those three get up to

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