Dunkey’s Best of 2021

Dunkey’s Best of 2021

Who’s gonna win the golden pretzel award?

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34 Responses

  1. Schaffrillas Productions says:

    Dude really just ranked Mario Golf above Metroid Dread and ya know what I gotta respect that

  2. Nicholas Gilbert says:

    8:17 and somehow, this joke completely sticks the landing no matter how long you’ve been watching Dunkey. A mastahpiece

  3. Better Chapter says:

    Dunkey: has opinion on game
    Random person: “time to have a meltdown about it”

  4. 1uke says:

    Dunkey: *gives Death Stranding a 1/5*
    Also Dunkey: *puts Death Stranding at #7*

    Looks like we have another Uncharted 4 type game here

  5. Kinjo says:

    That “Come back in 10 years” joke will never not get me.

  6. SEAN ALLEN says:

    Really can’t believe Dunkey put “Behhhhh” on the list this year, but what else could you expect from a man who’s never had a dislike on his videos.

  7. Eli Joy says:

    I like how Dunkey said more about his genuine opinion on Metroid Dread in ten seconds than his actual dunkview. You love to see it.

  8. Serious Shuck says:

    Dragon quest 11 is one hell of a journey. Without spoiling anything it took me back to my childhood as well, right at the end.

    • Artikle says:

      DQ11 is the first game I stopped playing because of how awful and repetitive the overworld music was.

    • Speedweednfeed says:

      I absolutely hated the game. 10 hours in and I felt that I was just doing the same shit again and again. I think I’m just too spoiled by modern turn based games having high levels of complexity right from the start.
      That said I also beat FF1 a few days ago so maybe I just didn’t like dq11.

    • Robert Reidy says:

      I thought he had hated that game, I played Dragon quest 9 on DS when i was growing up and loved 11, really hopes he finishs the game its well worth!

    • Stevey2578 says:


    • Ryan Rodrigues says:

      I was glad it made to Dunkey’s top 5.

  9. Wikkid Spork says:

    The “ya i snuck a peak” bit at 5:50 made me cry laughing. I love you dunkey

  10. Henry Studebaker says:

    “[…] and a fat guy sells you landmines to go fishing.”

    That sentence ended in a completely different way than I thought it would, and I nearly spit up my food because I laughed so hard. Thank you for that hilarious moment, Dunk!

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