Duracell Optimum | Gamer x Toothbrush

Duracell Optimum | Gamer x Toothbrush

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32 Responses

  1. Vedant Sahu says:

    I thought when PewDiePie was on trending YouTube was fixed but I guess not

  2. Ginsung says:

    Somebody paid real good money to be featured on the trending page

  3. John Kong says:

    Put it in a wii controller and lets see how long it last

  4. Hayden Timmins says:

    Nice try, Youtube overlords. There is no way this is organically on trending

  5. joshua hugnight says:

    Now they’re just trying to make it obvious.

  6. I try I fail says:

    79k views and it’s trending ok YouTube

  7. The Augusteer says:

    Proof that YouTube sells out to put ads on trending

  8. Donald Trump says:

    Less than 100k views and on Trending? Something seems off.

  9. The Moody Noodle says:

    YouTube is a company and need good money to keep going but I think this is not the right way for that

  10. Ironwill says:

    Trending is so “advertiser friendly” they now put on ads on their trending page. Creators dont matter I guess .

  11. pervychipmunks says:

    Why in the ever loving hairy flapjacks is this video on trending? Please, somebody enlighten me!

  12. It's me says:

    These are probably the only commercials I will ever love… ?. I always use Duracell so these adds don’t really mean much. I just like them

  13. BakonDude says:

    You think if we all dislike it this video will get off trending

  14. sleepy zzz says:

    Duracell definitely didn’t pay YouTube to be trending.

  15. DR G says:

    Or just brush ur teeth ur self and get a PS4 so u don’t have to waste money?

  16. RoyisDaBEST says:

    Energizer lithium > any alkaline Duracell battery

    this post was made by the Energizer gang

  17. Freak says:

    Paying to be on trending huh ? How about we all never buy anything duracell ever again because of this blatent abuse. That’d be wild

  18. SquirrelyBlake says:

    Uploaded 6 days ago, has 100K views, and is NOW on Trending? YouTube Trending exposed yet again. Embarrassing.

  19. Emmanuel Azadze says:

    “Because both is better than not both” – Greatest quote of 2019.

  20. Kawaii Sugar says:

    How to be on trending:

    Get yourself stuck in a sofa and say extra life a billion times. Voila.

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