Duramax Goober Calls Out Our Cummins Galaxie (The Galaxie’s Second Grudge Race)

Duramax Goober Calls Out Our Cummins Galaxie (The Galaxie’s Second Grudge Race)

Lining up with our boy Jeremy for some good old fashioned grudge racing!
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73 Responses

  1. Brian Brammer says:

    Sorry I’m late, had to grab popcorn that was advertised by James

  2. jesse scott says:

    I love when you and fasterproms have the same videos come out when you guys do your grunge matches

  3. Christopher St.Pierre says:

    Fasterproms beat you at posting this grudge race… He won!! lol

  4. Allen Lord says:

    Man you couldn’t count all of the CLEETUS sun hats yesterday at the Street Outlaws NPK races. Congrats man.

  5. Fasterproms says:

    I’ve been SPRAYED! Weasel!

  6. Bryan Mcgoon says:

    Burnout before the launch this time? Cooper is a savage!

  7. Lifted 90s Chevy says:

    Coop is becoming a straight savage with the come backs ????

  8. Josh Kaserman says:

    “You’re gonna do a burnout before you leave this time?” Cooper is a straight savage

  9. Dale says:

    The Galaxie has become my most favorite car in the fleet. It is a cool set up.

  10. The Generous Degenerate says:

    Cooper is freaking BRUTAL! Lmao

    Such a nice quiet guy and then “ZING” right to the jugular. What a guy. Lol

  11. Inferno_Spud says:

    We still need to know about the James and the laptop incident

  12. ConvoyBebop says:

    Cleetus & Coop workin overtime at Gapplebees today ?

  13. DKM_502 says:

    @Cleetus please add kill stickers to the galaxy like our pilots do on their planes for kills. ???

  14. Richard Harris says:

    “That’s probably the 1 they don’t talk about”, cooper killed it!

  15. Mikey M says:

    When are the McFarland Transmission shirts coming out?? ?????

  16. Mark Bushman says:

    I’m gonna need that Wagon vs. Escalade smackdown video ASAP brother.

  17. shawn wilson says:

    Im a little disappointed that jeremy was doing ricer math for his duramax. lol

  18. jeep buddy says:

    All three of you ripping on Jeremy was basically a Florida drag racing version of letter kenny.

  19. RYTHMIC RIOT says:

    Jeremy pulled out some McLaren P1 tech with his adjustable rear wing or canopy door. #IncreaseYourDownforce

  20. Jon Kassidy says:

    The galaxy would be that much faster if you put some light weight wheels on it.

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