Dwayne Johnson Addresses Rumors He May Run for President

Dwayne Johnson Addresses Rumors He May Run for President

Dwayne Johnson does a Baywatch-worthy walk to the couch before revealing if there is any truth to his GQ comments about making a White House run.

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Dwayne Johnson Addresses Rumors He May Run for President

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20 Responses

  1. Bosco YUE says:

    Well I guess he’ll ROCK as the president ……

  2. Jack Mae says:

    Im here before it goes viral

  3. The Wolf says:

    it’s time for The Rock Obama to come……..

  4. Esa Skykke says:

    *Dwayne Johnson looks lots of like The Rock.*

  5. Vlad Vale says:

    That intro was cringey af

  6. Utsav Shah says:

    Nope. We don’t want a President who just made cameos in WWE. We want a WWE Super star. #NoHalfMeasures

  7. Jess M says:

    1:13 the light reflecting off his head is brighter than all of trump’s ideas

  8. Shahroz Rashid says:

    Steps for becoming a good president people will actually love :
    1. Become a wrestler
    2. Become an actor
    3. Become a president

  9. Amir Khan says:

    stupid Fallon calm your tits down you fake!

  10. Thrilliam Gunz says:

    How can you hate on the Rock? The man is genuinely positive and has good energy! Salute, Dwayne!

  11. pragyan saikia says:

    i am not an american but i still vote for rock

  12. TheMysteriousDumbaz1 says:

    he’s got a good personality. but what r his political ideals? it takes more than a likable personality to be president

  13. RLoth says:

    Wow is dwayne johnson The rocks twin brother or something? such a strong resemblance, thankful for answers.

  14. OgSnoopDogg says:

    skip to 3:28 thank me later

  15. Alicultivated says:

    Could you imagine?

    “Finally President Rock has come back to Washington D.C.”!!!

  16. Alicia S says:

    Lately I’ve been finding jimmy fallon not funny and more scripted and fake.

  17. Mr. H says:

    How Incredible would it be if The Rock absolutely Roasted Donald Trump just like he used to do in the Attitude Era!!!

  18. Luke 615 says:

    Man the president debate would be the best thing in the world if the rock did his thing asking Donald Trump what he thinks followed by IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK

  19. Sudeep Ghosh says:

    He could be called BaROCK Obama

  20. shuntao xu says:

    if Arnold can be the governor, why can’t the Rock be the president ? lol

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