Dwight and Angela – The Office US

Dwight and Angela – The Office US

Dwangela 4eva

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66 Responses

  1. Anna Puim says:

    can I buy a Dwight bobble head

  2. MJ 899 says:

    My parents

  3. Erin Star says:

    in some ways I like them more than jim and pam

  4. Taurean Simmons says:

    Dwight and Angela had the most awkward relationship ever lol

  5. Joe Wojtecki says:

    Angela was in a Dwight Place, or the other way around .

  6. rian vanbuskirk says:

    Both Angela and Dwight changed for the better

  7. Miguelangel Ramirez says:

    Angela is so weird she slaps him after he kissed her and walks away with a smile XD

  8. Eda Akb says:

    I hated Angela with every fiber of my body until the last season, but I must admit her slow but steady character development was profoundly beautiful.

  9. Ben Peisch says:

    Dwight’s excitement about becoming a father is truly moving. Love this show

  10. You Still Get My Heart Racing says:

    Jim and Pam who? 😂

  11. moosejelly - says:

    I demand a Michael and Holly compilation! Uh, please. :^)

  12. Jumbo Cat Studios says:

    “Fine, I just wanna be friends”.


    “Plus a little extra. Also, I love you”.

  13. Jamaleum says:

    “I just want to be friends.

    Plus a little extra.

    Also I love you.”

  14. Fearthedeer2018 says:

    Strangest relationship ever but it’s also one of the best

  15. Fearthedeer2018 says:

    They’re both so complicated people but they understand each other so well

    • TheKingAssOfGaming says:

      When you really take a step back and think about it, Dwight and Angela have very similar personalities. They’re both very stern and ‘disciplined’, its just that Dwight is more ecstatic about things.

    • Fearthedeer2018 says:

      TheKingAssOfGaming true

  16. Vizzionz says:

    You are going to be okay monkey ❤️

  17. Fearthedeer2018 says:

    The scene when Dwight stands by her during the Christmas party and holds her hand is the cutest thing those two did until the end of the show

  18. Cringe Master says:

    “Pam, hi how ya doing, good”
    What a way to start a conversation 😂

  19. Fearthedeer2018 says:

    “I heard a joke today”
    “Oh, that’s funny”
    “Yes it was”
    That ironically made me laugh a lot

  20. Ani's Trash Can says:

    The ultimate question: which relationship was more interesting? Dwight and Angela or Jim and Pam?

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