Dwight Vs The Machine – The Office US

Dwight Vs The Machine – The Office US


Season 4, Episode 5 & 6 ‘Launch Party’ The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day.

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80 Responses

  1. Ryan Cross says:

    I can tell I’m not the only one with post notifications on….

  2. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    Dwight Against The Machine sounds like a cover band.

  3. giggity goochers says:

    So I can just write a quote from the show and get a thousand likes?

  4. Jennifer Walne says:

    Always ready for the air horn dance #narddog

  5. Ryan Cross says:


  6. Gaurav Gummaraju says:

    Just realised that The Office and Parks & Rec upload videos at the same time

  7. Bastián Nicolas Villarroel Campos says:

    omg you’re uploading my favorite scenes, soon I’ll be able to watch the office on YouTube, thank you uploaded, you are a super hero.

  8. おぃちゃん says:

    *Andy Blows horn rapidly*

    Angela: GIVE ME THAT, GIVE IT!

  9. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Andy video when?

  10. zbombz123 says:

    Always love the little things Pam does because she’s Dwight’s friend. “Are you sure, he’s going through a breakup?” And her little message trying to cheer Dwight up using the machine

    • beethoven's trance says:

      mankytoes do you not remember in s8ep18 when jim tried his damndest to save dwight from getting fired? after he succeeded dwight had a newfound respect for jim and so did i.

    • Christopher Chavez says:

      beethoven’s trance why was he going to get fired?

    • Broken Entity says:

      +II Aimbot12 II some people might be new to the show you dumbfuck. I swear dude people like you deserve get bronchitis and/or measles like who the hell would think like that. Learn your mistakes.

    • II Aimbot12 II says:

      Broken Entity who the hell would wish diseases on someone your crazy bro you need to calm down

    • beethoven's trance says:

      Christopher Chavez i don’t want to spoil anything but for a few episodes prior to ep.18 dwight was slowly becoming a patsy for sabre.

  11. Red Viper says:

    Dwight with a stubble looks homeless

  12. Andrew Chavez says:


  13. Mt Drew says:

    Is it possible to do a video with all of Dwight’s family and childhood traditions? (If it hasn’t been done)

  14. narnianman says:

    The only prank with a sad ending 🙁

    • cheesesteakphilly says:

      Telegraph Road In The Spanish City

      Never mind lol. Guess you’ve never watched the episode/show!

    • L0ST S0UL says:

      +Nick Sherer
      You are a very very stupid person. Dumping someone because they’re annoying? Yeah…..

    • Bex the Rex says:

      cheesesteakphilly yeah but at what cost? He’s sad because he did it for Angela and she wants to date someone else. To him it’s just sad. The machine says he’s superior when he feels like the opposite for getting rejected by Angela.

    • Telegraph Road In The Spanish City says:

      @cheesesteakphilly Shut your damn mouth. I watched the whole show. If you think the ending wasn’t sad, that means you’re an idiot. Dwight was sad cause Angela broke up with him. Look at his face in last scene. Are you f*ckin’ blind, idiot??

    • sarah potier says:

      Honestly lolll

  15. Cubsfan122112 says:

    Yet another example of Pam and Dwight’s relationship, and Dwight isn’t even aware of it. love it.

  16. Juan says:

    I love that while they did the countdown they didn’t check if the computer beat it

  17. The Drunken Coward says:

    “Why don’t you just lay off, lady.”
    I don’t remember that line and I love it.

  18. jjsherrill 92 says:

    3:16 is the funniest thing with Andys air horn, his stupid face, and the dance…classic. 😂😂😂

  19. Baowy says:

    I just love dwight and andy’s teamwork!

  20. Zachary Fletcher says:

    “You beat me. You are the superior being.”

    Pam has a heart

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